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VPI Wall Base: Five Things to Know Before You Buy


Using wall base might sound inconsequential at first until you realize what it's used for and its aesthetic value. Many floor brands offer wall base to place around the base of walls for full protection from natural elements and human interactions. VPI, though, has become a true leader.

Some distinct things make VPI stand out above others. Before you make a buying decision, check out these five things to know about their wall base that cover everything from aesthetics to durability.

1. A Choice of Vinyl or Rubber

Most wall base brands give you the choice of vinyl or rubber, though not all do. VPI gives you choice, which can mean a lot for your budget.

Vinyl is generally more affordable, but not always quite as durable as rubber is. As a result, rubber costs a little more.

It all depends on how much protection you need for your walls. In a business with considerable foot traffic or other physical activity, rubber is the better bet. Rubber will hold up for years almost beyond the VPI warranty date.

Even so, VPI's vinyl is still great quality and perhaps best for a home.

2. VPI Also Offers Metallic Wall Base

If you're looking for an alternative material to your wall base, VPI is one of the few brands also offering metallic. Using this material, you'll have extreme flexibility and the ultimate protection from scratches and scuffing.

Installation is very easy as well thanks to a special adhesive you can apply on your own. You'll be able to install your wall base in one day.

Four color choices are available with the metallic option.

3. Color Choices Are Extensive Overall

Choosing the right color for your wall base is obviously important since you want it to match your wall color and surrounding interior design.

VPI is one of the few flooring brands that gives you up to 70 colors. They also provide custom colors if you can't find one within their provided list.

For a business, you'll be surprised at how much people pay attention to your wall base and flooring upon visiting. It says a lot about you, especially if it's showing too much wear.

Using the right color also shows your sense of design prowess. Sometimes it may require a brighter color over the more typical gray or similar neutral shade.

4. Wall Base Solutions for Special Applications

You may need a wall base to help with a renovation in your home or business. VPI gives you a unique solution with their specialized rubber renovation wall base.

This gives you a 4.5 x 1/8 inch cove base and seven specific colors. The intention is to use it to cover any damage brought on from removing old, low-height wall base in a room. Without this type of wall base, renovation on similar damage could take much longer, bringing higher budget costs.

5. Low Dirt Prevention Wall Base

Another specialized and patented wall base VPI has in their collection is LDP, which stands for "low dirt prevention."

No matter if used in a home or business, you'll find peace of mind knowing it uses the highest environmental standards. Thanks to the quality raw materials used, the wall base will resist any color fading, splintering, or staining.

VPI also ensures complete protection from scratching and denting. Most of all, you won't have to constantly clean it if your home or business creates heavy dust or attracts dirt.

Wall curves are also easily covered with this if you have any irregular wall surfaces.

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