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Forbo Linoleum Tile vs VCT vs LVT


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Those of you who think of linoleum being a flooring material of the past probably aren't aware of the advancements this floor has had in the 21st century. Even though linoleum was first created in the Victorian Era, it's since evolved to even higher quality with numerous product variations.

Forbo has long been the leader in linoleum, and this still holds true. Their Forbo linoleum tile can be a great choice for your home or business if looking for something durable.

Why would you want to choose their Marmoleum tile over vinyl composition tile or luxury vinyl tile?

Should You Consider VCT or LVT First?

Armstrong has become the true leader in VCT and LVT flooring. They've made vinyl tile flooring a true joy thanks to their outstanding designs and reasonable price.

Considering tile for your flooring ultimately comes down to a vinyl vs. linoleum decision. When you look at Armstrong's vinyl flooring, you'll notice one difference: Price.

One reason linoleum costs a little more is because it lasts for decades. Armstrong's vinyl floors last many years as well, though not quite as long as linoleum. Latter is known to last up to 40 years or more with proper maintenance.

What other reasons would you choose Marmoleum linoleum tile over other options? Let's take a look at everything from colors to maintenance.

Colors Available

All vinyl composition tile, luxury vinyl tile, and linoleum tile have extensive color choices. However, linoleum tile has a little more variation, including the look of stone. 

You can find about every primary color with that aesthetic, like brown, blue, and gray. When you need a little more color variety to match your home or business's design, Forbo's linoleum tile will give you plenty of choices.


The true greatness of Forbo and Armstrong is that they provide numerous sizes for their tile products as a form of customization.

One of the most typical sizes for Armstrong tile is 12"x12". For linoleum tile, you'll often find a little more diverse size options like 13"x13", 12"x36", or 19.7"x19.7". These are suitable for any type of space, whether it's a hallway in your business (where you'll have tremendous foot traffic) to a busy kitchen floor in your home.

What About Warranties?

Both Armstrong and Forbo have worthwhile warranties intended to give you years of use. In most cases related to Armstrong tile products, you'll receive a 15-year commercial warranty and a 30-year residential limited warranty.

Since linoleum lasts longer, warranties are generally more extensive for residential. Commercial-based linoleum tile from Forbo has a five-year warranty. Even so, with proper care, you may not need to use the warranty in your lifetime.


All tile products you see above are easy to install. Vinyl tile fits this bill thanks to a gluedown method or a locking mechanism for a one-day DIY project.

Forbo's linoleum tile is much the same with their patented Marmoleum Click LOC install method. Not having to hire a professional to install your linoleum tiles will save you a lot of time and money. Nevertheless, if you need any questions answered, your flooring dealer is there to help.


To keep your tile floors looking pristine, it's recommended you clean them regularly with a simple broom or vacuum. Vinyl tile usually has the same recommendations, including Armstrong providing their own floor cleaners to avoid damage.

See Forbo Marmoleum Floor Care (PDF) Maintenance Guide

Linoleum from Forbo is very similar, including their own cleaning products. Stains need attention as soon as possible, though, so they don't set in.

A good way to keep your linoleum tile clean autonomously is to use a Roomba. These are gentle and can be easily programmed to meticulously clean if you're not home very often.

Visit us at Floor City so we can help you make a smart decision on a tile floor. We offer Armstrong tile floors, and Forbo linoleum tile. We sell all of these at discount prices you won't find anywhere else.

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