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10 Things to Look for When Buying Carpet Flooring


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When looking to buy carpet flooring it is important not to rush the decision making process simply for a cheap cost. Choosing the right carpet floor can be confusing, however carefully considering your lifestyle should be the first approach. Do you have a large family, pets, or live in a moist environment? All of these things should be considered when searching for carpet flooring stores to buy floor carpet. Here is our top 10 list of what to watch out for when comparing flooring brands, materials, and application.

Hardwood Floors vs Carpet

So do you choose carpet or hardwood? The most notable difference when comparing the two flooring solutions is the cost! Carpet flooring installation is much cheaper and easier to replace, saving you more money when repairs are needed on the carpet vs wood floor. On average, hardwood floors can cost between $8 to $12 per square foot depending on the species of wood, whereas carpet flooring cost can be significantly lower starting around $2 to $5 per square foot. Although laminate flooring vs carpet cost are more comparable, laminate wood floors start at around $3 to $7 per square foot.

Kraus Flooring

Comparing flooring brands like Kraus Flooring or Next Floor it depends on the application of the environment. For example, Kraus Flooring is known for being an industrial grade carpet solution designed for high traffic areas in commercial businesses. Next Floor, on the other hand, is a more practical solution for residential homeowners looking for the same protection. Both manufacturers offer modular carpet tiles or broadloom rolls. Find out more by exploring the benefits of carpet floor tiles from both brands below:

Choose Commercial for business -or- Residential for Home Flooring

Next Floor

Finding a manufacturer you can trust builds long term relationships, hence why Kraus Flooring and Next Floor carpet floor mats are dedicated and designed to be tough, stain resistant, and long lasting. Here is our list of the top 10 Things to Look for When Buying Carpet Flooring:

1. Where to Buy

Decided on where to buy commercial or residential flooring is hard enough without being taken advantage of and losing money. So where do you go and who can you trust? You should first start of by finding someone who is an industry leader and well established. Next, you need experience you can trust like flooring professionals who can help with any questions or offer support during the buying process. And Finally, nationwide coverage is always helpful too!

Kraus Commercial Carpet Flooring

Floor City is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington just a 10 minute drive from Portland, Oregon. Since going online in 2012, we've serviced nearly 20,000 commercial and residential customers nationwide. We are a licensed dealer of industry leading brands such as Armstrong, Johnsonite, Roppe, Flexco Floors, Azrock, Kraus Carpet and more.

We strive to be the leader in innovating the way people buy flooring online or over the phone. Our dedicated staff of flooring experts provide customers with a wide variety of options and recommendations to fit their flooring needs. At Floor City we specialize in commercial grade vinyl flooring and resilient floor coverings. If you're looking for high-quality durable floors for a commercial or residential space, we've got you covered. Our goal is to provide a premium flooring product at an affordable price.

With the largest network of commercial flooring distributors in the United States we provide affordable pricing, local pickup options and fast delivery. When you place an order online or by phone, we quickly determine the best shipping rates, pickup options or alternative products to help you get the job done right. Many of our warehouse partners have the floors you need in-stock or can transfer them from a distribution center in 1-3 business days. Contractors, businesses and homeowners choose us for reliability, product knowledge and trust that if something goes wrong, we'll be there to help. Don't take our word for it just read our product reviews!

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Floor City

2. Choosing the Right Weight

Many customers get caught up on choosing the right material weight when shopping for carpet. Although weight is important, there are too many factors to consider which may affect the overall durability, appearance and quality of the material.

From the twist to the density of the material, simply assigning a numerical value to something doesn’t help to explain why a product failed to perform as intended. The construction of the material is what matters most! Whether that be nylon, polyester, olefin or wool, the outcome will be the results of the manufacturing process.

Modular Carpet Tile or Broadloom Carpet Rolls are Available

Broadloom Carpet Flooring Supplier


There are two types of carpet flooring that can be purchased. Broadloom carpet rolls or modular carpet tiles. Broadloom carpet usually comes in 6' or 12' wide large rolls which are installed onto a carpet pad. Apartments, hotels and residential customers generally install this type of flooring.

Whereas, modular carpet tiles come in 12" x 12" or 24" x 24" commercial carpet squares. These sit directly on your substrate, can easily be arranged for different designs, and require minimal cutting. You find these mostly in business offices, dental waiting rooms, and school settings covering a large area.

3. Skipping the Underpad

The underpad or cushion of your carpet is vital in reducing pile height loss, pile crushing, delamination and buckling. For example, Kraus commercial floor carpet tiles provide a supreme step cushion. Choose from a spill barrier cushion or Kraus premium rebond cushion for added durability and support underfoot.

Carpet Under Pad Distributor
At Floor City, we can't stress enough the importance of a good underpad! Save yourself time and money in wear and tear on your carpet by absorbing the impact of high traffic areas with a quality product. Not only will a better grade underpad feel more comfortable to walk on, but it will help your carpet look newer for longer.

4. Calculating the Footage Necessary

A common mistake with flooring is calculating the square footage of an area without taking into consideration any damaged material, the direction of flooring, and the width of the material like with carpet rolls. Multiplying or adding up your measurements rarely gives you an accurate figure to simply place an order for flooring. Instead, collaborating with an experienced flooring specialist about your needs or concerns should be your first step.

Next Floor Development Modular Carpet Tiles

This will allow the flooring professional to make educated recommendations based off the information you have provided, generating a more precise quote. Just remember to include any additional details like measurements of closets or stairs to account for these considerations.

5. Be Careful of Holiday Sales

Holiday promotions or sales are designed to attract attention to a low price while pushing old inventory. Although this may benefit your home improvement up front, it is important not to let your emotions distract you from the needs of the environment or floor.

Kraus Modular Carpet Designs
A cheap floor carpet option doesn’t necessarily mean you get the same backing performance, material or warranty. Often times, the cheap carpet floor tiles are not from recognized industry leaders in carpet floors like Kraus Flooring and contain hidden installation fees.

6. Picking Cheap Carpet Flooring

Too often, customers just want easy flooring options that are fast and don’t break the bank. We understand your concerns, however this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality for a quick solution. Be careful when getting quotes from retailers or competitors on different products, even though the price may be considerably lower there is usually a reason for that cost reduction.

Next Floor Continuum Commercial Carpet Flooring
You should compare brands, fibers, and warranties to be sure you are making a wise decision. For instance, If one of the carpets has a limited warranty while the other offers 30 years, you can safely assume that the quality of the material is different. Regardless if it’s destined to be in the business office or carpet for the basement floor, stain protection or selection of colors and styles goes hand in hand with Next Floor’s lifetime backing performance.

7. DIY or Professional Installation

Let us guess, you want to save money? Depending on the square footage or if you know a local installer who can install carpet cheap, many customers find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to the necessary flooring tools needed. Even if carpet installation is expensive we always recommend contacting a carpet installer with experience.

Next Floor Invincible Modular Carpet Squares
If you consider the warranties involved regarding proper installation, a poorly installed carpet that looks bad or buckles, and the headache involved in replacing the flooring it quickly becomes the safe choice. Don’t void the manufacturer's warranty by cutting corners, trust us, you’ll thank us later!

8. Maintenance Troubles

Regular carpet maintenance helps keep soil below the threshold of visibility so your carpet never looks soiled. If proper installation is followed and preventative maintenance utilized, the indoor air quality can be enhanced while keeping the carpets appearance from deteriorating.

Kraus Commercial Carpet Rolls
Vacuum and spot clean your carpet daily, be sure to collect any dirt and grit that may be left behind with a carpet cleaner or cleaning solution. We recommend a carpet and floor cleaner approved by the manufacturer. To remove any embedded dirt or grime, professionally deep clean the carpets. A good way to extend the life of the carpet is by placing walk off mats at the exterior and interior entrances if possible.

9. Shipping Fees and Taxes

The logistics of shipping can be a nightmare, yet when you shop online at Floor City we eliminate this frustration by going above and beyond to walk you through the whole process. Not only can we save you money on shipping by offering local warehouse pickup, but our nationwide distribution of commercial flooring products allows us to offer unbeatable carpet prices.

Kraus Euclid Commercial Carpet Tiles

Our mission is to be honest and accurate with our quotes! The more information you can provide the more accurate the shipping rate will be. Sales tax is collected in any state that we have Nexus in or have registered to offer local pickup. Even if we do not charge you tax you still may still be subject to use tax in your states. We do offer wholesale and special pricing to contractors and businesses when ordering full pallet or rolls.

10. Delivery Woes

Great, you decided what carpet flooring you want! Don’t make the mistake many others do of not allowing enough time for production or delivery of the product by rushing your project. Believe it or not this happens quite often which is why we suggest planning ahead.

Not all commercial modular carpet tiles or residential carpet rolls are readily available. Instead, a back stock order is placed and usually filled within 2 to 4 weeks depending on production dates. Between the manufacturer, the location and the shipping company, your order may take longer than expected so allow ample time for delivery.

Although our staff is dedicated to updating, tracking, and answering any question you may have regarding your order, we do not control or have any influence over any third party companies once the order is placed. If for some reason your order is lost or damaged, don’t worry, please contact a flooring specialist at (800) 898-9540 so we can begin the process of submitting a claim to the appropriate entities involved.

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It’s time to shop smarter when you realize how important flooring is to your business or personal aesthetic.                                              

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