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Vinyl Plank Flooring vs Laminate: Pros and Cons of Each



Two of the most popular floor materials out there are vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring, both made to enhance the aesthetic value of any floor. They also offer cost and maintenance advantages when compared to buying real wood or other natural materials. The latter are often expensive and require excessive maintenance no business like yours has time to do.

As a business, you've perhaps weighed the options on vinyl plank flooring and laminate, yet can't make a final decision. While they are somewhat alike in the advantages they bring, they also have a little difference.

The important thing is to look at a pro and con comparison to help you make a final buying decision. One fact is true: Armstrong Flooringmakes the best products in both flooring styles.

What Makes Vinyl Plank Flooring Such a Standout?

When you look at vinyl plank flooring through companies like Armstrong, you'll often see the alternative of luxury vinyl plank flooring, making a key difference. The luxury aspect gives you more durability than typical vinyl.

The purpose of vinyl plank flooring is to give you the look of real wood planks on your floor. If you have a business with a rustic theme, this type of flooring is a great choice since you can't tell the difference from real wood.

One of the real highlights from Armstrong is their Luxe Plank line that enhances the floor's waterproof capability. It's also more durable to scratches, stains, and wear.

What Makes Laminate Flooring Such a Standout?

Laminate flooring offers the look of wood as well, except not in plank form. It allows you to create floors mimicking many natural materials with little cost compared to the real thing.

Flooring textures are tremendous in laminate, giving a strong variety to choose from through Armstrong's product line. You can get some good ideas of this by looking at their Calypso Collection where the wood textures are truly beautiful with various finish options.

We offer these through Floor City at reduced prices.

Distinguishing Between Vinyl Wood Plank Floors and Laminate

One thing about both of these floors is they're easy to clean. The maintenance aspect should always become top of mind for you, especially if buying these floors for your business.

All you'll need for both is a vacuum or dust cloth. You can easily wipe off all stains in just a few minutes, something you couldn't do with real wood materials.

The marked difference between the two floors comes from two distinct things: Durability and ease of installation.

Vinyl Wood Plank Durability

If you have to find a contrast between vinyl wood plank flooring and laminate flooring, it's in the former's fuller attention to durability. Armstrong's Luxe planks won't buckle or lose integrity when exposed to water, and that means top-tier materials not found anywhere else.

With heavy foot traffic, you won't have to worry about the wood deteriorating after just a year, let alone any concern about staining.

Laminate Flooring Ease of Installation

Those of you concerned about the time involved when installing your floor might want to consider laminate floors first. It's the simplest floor to install since you're literally snapping the floor together. When "do-it-yourself" means everything, laminate flooring helps make it possible.

Still, you'll want an expert installation through an Armstrong dealer. They work fast to help set up your floor the same day so you don't make any mistakes.

So where should you go to get either type of flooring? At Floor City, we carry all Armstrong flooring products. Through us, can find not only laminate flooring but also vinyl plank flooring. The latter includes the luxury line Armstrong offers.

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