Schools are extremely high-traffic areas which require floors that can withstand all of its day to day beatings from teachers and kids alike. Having an ultra-durable floor not only improves the aesthetic features of your building, it also provides much less maintenance and upkeep. Armstrong vinyl composition tile (VCT) is a terrific choice for school floors due to its many incredible benefits.

What is VCT?

Vinyl composition flooring is a smooth finished flooring material available in sheet vinyl or vinyl tile form. Tiles are often a popular option since they can be easily replaced individually if they're damaged, instead of resurfacing the entire floor. VCT comes in a variety of colors and patterns based on your needs. It's great for representing school colors on your floors as it adds an extra "pop" of school flair.

It's important to note that vinyl is often confused with linoleum, rubber or plastic floorings. VCT has far better durability and is a superior choice than these.

Benefits of VCT

Extreme Durability

School floors experience a lot of wear and tear throughout the year so durability is of the utmost importance. Replacing or repairing floors multiple times a year shouldn't have to be a priority. VCT will last for years. It's currently one of the most durable flooring options available on the market today. Its longevity speaks for itself year after year. Accidents, heavy foot traffic, rolling traffic, impacts, and scratches are inevitable, but you can have greater peace of mind knowing your floors can stand up to whatever gets thrown at them. Refinishing is a breeze and the upkeep is minimal.


VCT is easy on the budget at $0.99 per square foot, making it an incredible value considering all of the benefits it provides for your school. Installation is quick and easy, and the value keeps on going long after the installation is complete. Armstrong has a unique manufacturing process that includes a pattern wear layer that ensures the tile will be long-lasting and keep it's vibrant color longer.

Super Easy Cleanup

Those cafeteria spills and rainy day muddy tracks will be easier than ever before to clean up for your rockstar custodial crew. Thanks to a special protective layer called the Factory Finish, low-maintenance cleaning is possible. After sweeping, simply mop with a disinfectant for a fresh and clean floor. Staff and kids will see sparkling floors each and every day when they arrive to learn and work.

Pleasing to the Eye

An impressive collection of patterns and colors allow for your school's pride to shine through. No matter what shade or pattern you're looking for, Armstrong has it. Color palettes are easily customizable to match school's colors or mascot colors. The amazing variety allows creative designs and color options no matter where you want it in your school. The opportunities are truly endless.

Environmentally Friendly

Armstrong is dedicated to reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and petroleum by using only sustainable agricultural products. Armstrong products consist of up to 25% post-consumer recycled content. You can feel good about your school's floors knowing that it's made of recycled content rather than materials that will someday end up sitting in a landfill.

Effectively Hides Debris

Staff and kids alike will track dirt and other debris into the school, it's an inevitable part of life. Armstrong vinyl has paint specks that blend in with debris making it a lot less noticeable. Floors will maintain their color and vibrancy even when they're a little dirty from time to time or can't be cleaned right away.

Choose Armstrong VCT

Armstrong VCT is a phenomenal product and a perfect addition to your school. Between the durability, affordability, ease of cleaning, various color schemes, and environmental benefits, vinyl composite tile flooring will boost your school's appeal and provide long-lasting durable floors for years to come.