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Why LVP: Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?



Finding quality flooring for your business or home might not sound important initially, but it really is when you consider how much you depend on it physically and aesthetically. The floor your employees and your customers walk on matters a lot in the comfort level of your exterior.

On an aesthetic basis, your floor adds more to the visual appeal of your business than you think. The type of flooring you use is going to bring an immediate idea in a customer of what you stand for and the care you give your business.

One of the best types of flooring many businesses use is Luxury Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring. This is usually abbreviated as LVP for short, though it's also known as luxury vinyl tile.

Defining Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

You can define this type of flooring as a luxury vinyl product that looks like real wooden planks. It mimics the colors and even species of these planks in a way where no one can tell the difference.

The realism becomes enhanced thanks to the planks looking scraped or embossed. There really isn't any other flooring like it without you having to spend big bucks using real wood.

Using planks from this flooring gives you further advantages in how you design your floor as well.

Before you see how this works, you should know about the leading brand that sells LVP flooring. Armstrong has become the leader in offering LVP products. It's there where you can learn a lot more about what LVP can do and how much money you can save.

What Makes LVP Flooring So Popular?

Certainly, the look of LVP flooring makes a big difference, but you also likely wonder how durable it is. If you visit Armstrong's website, you'll see a lot of the evidence of what makes it so strong to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Armstrong uses their patented Diamond 10 Technology and applies it to a lot of their commercial flooring products. This uses properties of real diamonds to enhance the surface of the floor and bring the greatest endurance.

You can find this in luxury vinyl plank flooring as well where it's possible to withstand heavy foot traffic and rolling load traffic.

While this is a superior attribute, many people automatically assume LVP flooring is overly expensive.

The Affordability of Using Vinyl

A floor with the look of real wood planks and lifetime durability might sound expensive. In reality, the vinyl aspect makes it extremely affordable.

You can find many LVP flooring products at an extremely reduced rate. Here at Floor City, in particular, we offer many Armstrong LVP products at very attractive prices.

For instance, Armstrong's Natural Wood Planks collection offers a rustic pecan wood tile for only $2.39 per sq. ft.

A box of the planks is available for $85.32 a box.

Some are priced slightly more based on distinctive appearance. The white Salvaged Plank product goes for $5.29 per sq. ft.

Easy Maintenance

Best of all, LVP flooring has some of the easiest maintenance of any flooring. The vinyl makes it easy to clean up stains or dirt. You basically only have to wipe and clean every day to continually make it look pristine.

Armstrong's patented Fast Start® Factory Finish plays a big part in helping you be able to clean messes so easily without leaving any permanent marks or stains.

So now you can have a lot more confidence in your floors using LVP in your business this year. Thanks to Armstrong's products being made in the USA, you can feel confident in bringing quality to the life of your business.

Visit us at Floor City to see all of our Armstrong LVP flooring products at rates you won't find anywhere else.

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