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Commercial and Residential Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews: What Do Buyers Say?


Those of you looking for flooring in your business or home are likely weighing the options on which product works best for your brand or personal style. If you’re going for a more rustic style with the look of hardwood, there isn’t any better choice than vinyl plank flooring.

Armstrong is a true leader with this flooring thanks to bringing superior durability and looking convincingly like real hardwood. Even experts have trouble telling the difference, despite vinyl plank flooring being considerably more affordable.

While you’ve undoubtedly heard about the features of Armstrong’s vinyl plank flooring, what does the buying public think of this product?

Take a look at all of Armstrong’s vinyl plank collections and the reviews they’ve received from buyers. These tell you about how this floor works for real people rather than relying strictly on a features list. Looking for laminate wood floors too? Find out what to look for and which laminate flooring brands to avoid!

Armstrong Natural Creations Reviews

Armstrong Natural Creations Luxury Vinyl Flooring

One popular vinyl plank collection from Armstrong is Natural Creations, designed specifically for commercial use. You’ll find a lot of five-star reviews for this on our Floor City site.

To give you an idea of what buyers think, you can look to one popular product in the Natural Creations collection. The Strip Bamboo Natural falls under LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), though provides modular shapes and sizes inspired by the natural look of wood.

A review for this on Floor City shows one buyer from Zillah, Washington found the materials to be some of the finest around. The reviewer also cites how inexpensive it is compared to other options.

This is certainly true when you compare a vinyl option to real hardwood. Using the latter will cost you thousands of dollars to buy and maintain.

Even more elaborate products in the Natural Creations brand bring glowing reviews. For instance, Casablanca Licorice Natural has a review from San Bernadino, California noting how heavy-duty this flooring option is. They also note (correctly) that we ship out the same day of your order.

Natural Creations Diamond 10 ArborArt

Armstrong Natural Creations Diamond 10 ArborArt LVT

Within the Natural Creations collection, many other products exist, showing the diversity of options in vinyl plank flooring. All of these are for commercial applications. However, they have numerous styles and colors, including Armstrong’s patented Diamond 10 Technology.  The latter uses real diamond materials to help prevent scratching, staining, and scuffing on your vinyl plank flooring.

Under the ArborArt collection, you’ll find products like Coastal Crafted Boardwalk, a popular color and pattern with unique visuals. One review from Columbia, South Carolina calls this a “grand thing”, including a shout-out for the low costs.

Another popular ArborArt product is Galena Oak Rye with reviews showing buyers appreciating the industrial grade aspect. In almost every review, you see everyone mentioning the low price, something standing out first for vinyl plank buyers.

For a lighter pattern, the Orchard Estate Oyster product compelled some reviewers to note the commercial grade quality with this collection. It’s worth noting you get a 20-year warranty for your commercial business using ArborArt floors.

Natural Creations Diamond 10 Mystix

Armstrong Natural Creations Diamond 10 Mystix LVT

Continuing to look at the Natural Creations collection, many buyers appreciate Mystix. What makes this stand out is you can mix different textured and colors to create something distinctive for your business.

In total, we have 68 reviews for this product that give an average of 4.94 stars out of five.

Try the Forged Nickel option providing a subfloor of concrete, wood, vinyl, hardwood, and ceramic. One reviewer from Killeen, Texas notes how superb this floor is and inexpensive. They also mention how the product ships out the same day.

Natural Creations Diamond 10 EarthCuts

Armstrong Natural Creations Diamond 10 EarthCuts LVT

The title of this vinyl plank flooring tells you everything about the aesthetics of these products. All EarthCuts floors once again give you a realistic look of hardwood, including concrete.

Reviews for this collection are just as glowing as the ones you see above. Those of you looking for a lighter color may want to try the Parsa Irish Cream EarthCuts product. A reviewer from Cape Coral, Florida praises how great the Armstrong brand is and how good of a deal they found.

For a slightly darker color, try Meso Stone Desert. A woman from Salem, Oregon wrote a review praising the brand, low cost, as well as a coupon code she received with a 5% discount. She managed to get this simply by asking us.

Our popular Slade Dark Horizon Diamond 10 EarthCuts product also receives positive reviews often. A recent reviewer mentioned the price he found at our store was the lowest found anywhere online.  This is something you’ll discover for yourself when shopping for vinyl plank flooring on our site.

Natural Creations Classics

Armstrong Natural Creations Classics LVT

Under this collection, you’ll find further unique patterns of hardwood that can fit any type of home decor or business.  

Fruitwood Alabastar is one of the lighter colored planks offering a glue-down installation method and a 10-year commercial warranty.

Reviews for this continue to show how surprising it is for customers to find a flooring product at such an affordable price. Some of them also note other flooring companies frequently don’t call back to answer questions customers have about these products.

Consider a darker color with Roan Oak Cocoa, which comes with 44 pieces per box. One reviewer on this product noted they received samples of this flooring in just a few days before making a final purchase.

Natural Creations With I-Set

Armstrong Natural Creations with I-Set LVT

Continuing with the Natural Creations collection, you’ll want to check out I-Set products with no gluing required for installation. Using a self-adhesive, you can only imagine how many rave reviews this receives from our customers.

A recent review from Palouse, Washington notes this as some of the finest building materials he’s seen, including being economical.

Other reviews from here in Washington State show many buyers find the I-Set product very attractive, including being within most people’s budgets. All of our reviews bring up how helpful our staff is, something we can back up.

Vivero Best

Armstrong Vivero Best LVT Flooring

Next, we want to showcase the Vivero collections from Armstrong. These comprise three subcategories, but it starts with Vivero Best.

Vivero is going to give you real vinyl plank rather than tiles. And you’ll once again have a floor convincingly giving you the look of real hardwood or concrete.

In the Vivero Best line, Cornhusk is one brand you’ll appreciate if looking for a wood that’s dark but not too dark. A review for Cornhusk notes this brand is another great deal and you can get it delivered faster than any other flooring company.

Cosmic Grey is also very popular thanks to using IntegriLock for an easy installation method. You can get this for either residential or commercial use. The residential warranty is for life, and the commercial lease is for 15 years.

One reviewer recently noted they used our online chat feature to get questions answered about their order. They received a quick email reply to prove our exemplary customer service.

Vivero Better

Armstrong Vivero Better LVT Flooring

The second collection in the Vivero collection is Vivero Better, another vinyl plank essential for commercial and residential use.

Look out for the Natural brand with a full spread installation method. Many of our buyers love this floor and note another great deal. They also continue to praise our customer service, showing that delivery is the fastest you’ll find anywhere else.

The darker Onyx brand is equally popular with our recurring customers. At only $2.39 per sq. ft., another review mentions it’s a steal of a deal.

Vivero Good

Armstrong Vivero Good LVT Flooring

Last in the Vivero line is Vivero Good, providing further vinyl planks with unique colors and patterns. It’s intended strictly for residential use, making your home look rustic without having to pay a fortune for real hardwood.

Golden Glaze has become one of the most popular in this collection. With an easy locking method for installation, it’s super easy to put together and maintain.

Our reviewers continue to note how attractive this floor is, including receiving expert help after making this choice.

Tavern Brown is a good darker alternative with reviewers remarking on the superior floor material. Shipping out the same day is also a plus for many of our verified buyers.

Parallel 20

Armstrong Parallel 20 LVT Flooring

Here you have another popular commercial vinyl plank collection available in both plank and tile form. It’s also another affordable option going for around $2.97 per sq. ft.

Reviews on our site continue to give raves, especially for our Argent CRV product. This product covers commercial spaces as well as residential, something our customers across the nation appreciate. Thanks to reviews from as far away as Florida, you’ll see comments praising Parallel 20 as a great floor at a low cost.

Mill Valley is another popular option in the collection that gives you a simple adhesive to install the vinyl planks on your own.

Parallel 12

Armstrong Parallel 12 LVT Flooring

As a variation on Parallel 20, you’ll find the same vinyl plank quality in Parallel 12. Mainly a commercial collection, this has almost identical brand names from Parallel 20. For instance, this also has an Argent CRV with slight variations in plank patterns.

A review from Glendale, Arizona told us how heavy-duty this flooring is. Plus, we’re always happy to see they received incredible service.

Luxe Plank with FasTak

Armstrong Luxe Plank with FasTak LVT Flooring

If you take a little more time to explore Armstrong’s vinyl plank flooring, you’ll find even more collections using the company’s patented specialized features.

We’re receiving a lot of rave reviews for Luxe Plank with FastTak, mainly for its unique stone colors and patterns. Designed for a home, the FastTak installation process uses a repositionable self-adhesive for quick setup.

Chateau Gray has become one of our most popular brands under this collection. Take a look at one review that praised our speedy quotes and easy online purchasing without tax or shipping. Afterward, we wrote in requesting the buyer send us photos of her floor so we could send her a Starbucks gift card.

It’s one example of how we treat the customer right when buying one of these floors from us for the first time.

Through our Amendoim product, a reviewer reminds we’ll provide another 5% coupon just for shopping with us.


Armstrong Pryzm Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Some of Armstrong’s collections are named with just one word. Pryzm is a good example of their creative brand names (and features) that make Armstrong unique.

The installation method on this type of vinyl plank floor involves another locking mechanism, making a simple DIY process. Made for homes and commercial businesses, reviews continue to come in giving good notice to products like White Forest Treasure.  On this one, you’ll notice buyers were guaranteed to receive their product quickly without having to worry about waiting for a backorder.

A unique pattern called Elements of Heritage Vintage has also become a major bestseller. In one review, you’ll notice a buyer says they received a damaged box, but we replaced it immediately without any worries. The same reviewer notes we give you exactly what you want (including accurate shipping rates) as a part of our attention to exemplary customer service.

Luxe Plank with Rigid Core

Armstrong Luxe Plank with Rigid Core LVT Flooring

Rigid Core is another patented feature from Armstrong that makes their vinyl plank flooring such a standout. The benefit of Rigid Core Technology is it helps homeowners deal with the problem of uneven subfloors.

Along with homeowners, commercial businesses can also benefit immensely from Luxe Plank with Rigid Core.

The Natural Luxe product has become one of our most popular. Reviewers keep noting how the floor fits perfectly within their budget. Numerous reviewers also remind how we’re a family-owned business, meaning we care about you, the prospective customer.

You might want to also try the Raven Luxe product for a darker color and pattern. As our reviewers say, we can ship this out to you the same day of your order.

At Floor City, you can order any of these vinyl plank/tile products by calling us at (800) 898-9540. We have pickup centers across the country, making it easy for you to get your new floor immediately for a home or business remodel.

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