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Laminate Flooring Brands to Avoid



Laminate Wood Planks

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Wood Laminate Flooring

NOTE: WE DO RECOMMEND...Audacity by Armstrong. Some readers thought we meant to avoid this collection but quite the contrary; Audacity Laminate is our #1 recommended waterproof laminate flooring option.

If you love the look of wood flooring but have heard laminate is a great alternative to real hardwood; this article is for you.

Older homes boasting well-maintained wooden floors demand a pretty penny when they go on the market. New construction doesn't typically come with wood real hardwood floors anymore, even though people love the look of natural wood flooring in their home. For this reason, many builders of new homes and designers of commercial spaces now opt to install laminate wood flooring.

Get the natural wood look

Laminate floors can work wonderfully with any sort of decorating scheme and they're very easy to maintain. A laminate floor can last for decades, if the planks are made from high quality materials, and the floor is properly installed. Those two qualifiers: superior materials and expert installation should be enough to dissuade anyone from getting their laminate floor products from Lowe's or Home Depot. Neither superstore can be wholly trusted to keep their promise, as far as laminate floors are concerned.

Armstrong laminate flooring kitchen

Laminate from Lowe's? Leave it alone

Lowe's may be a Fortune 500 company that rakes in billions of dollars every year, but that doesn't mean that they are a brand to trust with your laminate flooring. In fact, Lowe's Home Improvement has an overall bad reputation for floor installation. Of the top ten reviews of Lowe's flooring at MyThreeCents, only one reviewer offered more than a single star and that was for carpeting, not laminate flooring. Issues ranging from missed appointments to messy workers are mentioned again and again as reasons to never buy laminate flooring from Lowe's. But that's not all. Several reviewers who spent good money at Lowe's complain that they never got what they paid for, or were charged more than once for the same service.

But wait. There's more. Lowe's employees are not flooring experts. They are trained to know a little bit about a lot of things, and that's not the sort of expertise you need when buying a laminate floor. Don't trust your laminate floors to an inexperienced home improvement store clerk. Call Floor City instead! Not only do we go the extra mile, but we care about how your floors are going to look once installed. You can even find out what buyers say about vinyl flooring by reading the commercial and residential vinyl plank flooring reviews.

Say no to Home Depot laminate flooring

A couple of years ago, News Inferno reported a pending class action suit over Home Depot laminate flooring products. Customer complaints included warped planks that were "a nightmare to install" and of very poor quality. A number of Home Depot customers who were professional floor contractors said that Home Depot laminate flooring was "the worst to install" and that "at least 15 to 20 percent of planks were warped and unusable."

One unhappy Home Depot wood laminate flooring customer outlined his situation in Consumer Affairs magazine. The New York resident said that the workers sent by Home Depot installed flooring in the wrong rooms, made uneven cuts and failed to re-install toilets after laying flooring in a bathroom as they were contracted to do. That reviewer called his Home Depot laminate flooring experience "a horrible disaster" and warned others to avoid Home Depot flooring. Even a number of long time Home Depot supporters joined the class action suit.

We have a better idea

Big-box home improvement superstores like Costco wholesale have every right to exist. We just think you should avoid shopping at them for laminate flooring products and installation. FloorCity offers a superior selection of high-quality flooring options. If your not confident about installing floors yourself you can find a flooring installer or installation service at

We aren't about to slam the competition without offering you a better alternative. FloorCity is pleased to present a splendid selection of cost friendly laminate flooring products along with secure online ordering and a solid guarantee. Forget about Lowe's and Home Depot laminates. Bookmark our page right now, and you'll always know where to turn for all kinds of first-class flooring.

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