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Armstrong Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews - Commercial and Residential


Engineered Vinyl Tile Flooring

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Installing vinyl flooring in a home or an office is often tricky - there needs to be the right balance for it to look sleek and smooth, rather than tacky and unsophisticated. Finding the right flooring in that regard can often be an arduous task, but it can really take an interior look to another level if executed correctly.

The trick is to find vinyl flooring, especially when it comes to plank vinyl flooring that is sophisticated and versatile enough to fit into a setting, whether office or commercial. In this regard, Armstrong vinyl plank flooring is one of the best options available on the market.

Product offerings depend on what the usage of flooring will be, residential or commercial. In both facets though, Armstrong has a great catalog that can seamlessly fit into designs without seeming out of place.


Armstrong has an extensive catalog, boasting almost eleven collections that range in pricing. Whether you are looking for affordable flooring with a luxury feel or a top to bottom flooring experience that is true to its luxury roots, Armstrong flooring products are able to offer.

Alterna Reserve Flooring

For example, Alterna is a luxury vinyl tile that mimics the look of ceramic or stone. This offers homes a way to replicate some of the more earthier elements currently popular in home design, while still retaining quality products in their home. With a myriad of options present in terms of color and patterns, any home can be transformed into a luxury home fit for everyday use - without a high cost associated. Similarly, Luxe plank vinyl is Armstrong's award-winning product that looks exactly like hardwood.

Ultimately, a home needs to be designed with both aesthetic and design elements in mind, while retaining a balance between the two. Armstrong products are able to offer designs and patterns with both of these elements in mind - homeowners can have a sense of luxury in their home without having to worry about regular wear or tear, or a loss in quality.


Office floors need to be able to withstand heavy duty amounts of foot traffic, furniture and a host of other elements so it is essential to find flooring that will keep up with these demands without showing signs of damage or wear. Armstrong has a strong product offering in terms of commercial use, and each collection has its own distinctive element while still retaining a timeless feel.

Armstrong Natural Creations Diamond 10 ArborArt Technology

Each collection is designed to be innovative while still providing sophistication in terms of color and detail. Collections such as Vivero Best or the Natural Creations Diamond 10 Technology ArborArt are perfect examples of this. The Natural Creations collection is designed to retain its aesthetic functions while still a providing a sense of warmth in commercial settings.

Moreover, Armstrong is also committed to its sense of innovation and providing groundbreaking solutions for their floorings. The Diamond 10 Technology, for example, is the first flooring to be made with cultured diamonds. This makes for a product that is unrivaled in the current market when it comes to sheer performance and overall durability. Meanwhile, the Vivero Better offers flooring options that are natural and rustic and constructed of great material - these are products that are built to last, and it shows.

Ultimately, whether it is a commercial or residential setting, it is essential to find flooring that will remain immune to scuffs and scratches over time. This means that investing in the right product is absolutely crucial to retaining quality in your office or home. Luckily, Armstrong is easily able to meet these criteria since it has a plethora of options for a wide range of budgets, and its products remain superior to others in the market due to their outstanding quality.

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