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Armstrong Laminate Flooring Reviews: 5 Commercial Products to Consider


Commercial grade flooring for your business should become a top priority to bring an aesthetic quality and foot traffic durability. While you'll find many flooring brands, there isn't any better one for dependability than Armstrong. They provide products like laminate flooring, giving you the look of hardwood for a more affordable price.

For a business like yours that wants to bring the authentic look of wood, concrete, or metal, you'll find a lot to like with Armstrong's laminate floor collections.

Laminate is extremely durable first and foremost, including withstanding stains and fading. If you have extensive floor traffic, you'll appreciate the durability, plus its superior moisture resistance. Take a look at these five collections Armstrong offers and how much it mimics real wood.

1. Architectural Remnants

Armstrong Architectural Remnants

Those of you who want a look of reclaimed wood in your commercial business should consider Armstrong's Architectural Remnants collection. This unique laminate flooring comes in multiple wood species to give the feel you've integrated scraps of wood on your own.

Thanks to multiple plank widths and lengths, you can customize for a lot of different spaces. You'll find this helpful if your business has offbeat floor layouts.

With striking designs from Armstrong's own studio, you'll notice how they blend old wood design with the new. Even if you want a contemporary decor, this type of flooring can still fit in with easy maintenance and a multitude of color choices.

2. Coastal Living Patina

Armstrong Coastal Living Patina

The point of this laminate collection is to create a more weathered look to the faux wood. It's based on coastal winds, rain, and sun aiding the effect of distressed wood without using the real thing.

If you're going for a more rustic business look, Coastal Living Patina is a good choice. Armstrong made this to give off a timeless appearance for long-term use. Variations in the plank visuals give the look of realism.

Colors come in Rusty Iron or Sea Wall. You'll appreciate how low maintenance this flooring is.

3. The Premium Collection

Armstrong Premium Collection

Armstrong's Premium Collection certainly lives up to its name. Here you'll find flooring that integrates an aesthetic from numerous exotic cultures. It's a chance to use hardwood seen in places like the Caribbean, South America, and the Middle East as just a few.

Armstrong manages to use innovative technologies so it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between the laminate and real hardwood.

Color choices on the Premium collection are quite wide and let you choose from American Maple to Tree Branch Walnut.

When you want an old world look to your business flooring, give this a serious look.

4. Premium Lustre

Armstrong Premium Lustre Collection

Premium domestic hardwoods are perhaps more to your liking, and Armstrong's Premium Lustre is a great choice in their laminate collections.

Consider this for high-traffic areas because it manages to integrate durability with the warmth of premium hardwoods you'll find here in the states. A secret to the hardwood realism is in Armstrong's ability to create more variation in their plank visuals.

They'll add a high-gloss finish to the surface to make your floor look amazing. Colors range from Adrift Pine to Summer Tan Fruitwood.

5. Rustics Premium

Armstrong Rustics Premium

Creating a naturally aged effect in flooring is a popular choice for many businesses. No matter what kind of business you have, this kind of rustic look can add a lot to your company's design.

Armstrong's Rustics Premium collection brings a graining and aging effect you'd see only in real weathered wood.

The laminates here take from domestic and exotic wood, including wide boards that look like they came from a remote farmhouse.

A benefit here is the laminate looks like multiple wood species for a standout aesthetic. Colors are extensive, ranging from Cayenne to Rough Cut Khaki. You have different gloss levels as well. Visit us at Floor City to learn more about laminate flooring and our commercial flooring expertise.

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