Luxury vinyl plank flooring in a kitchen
Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements are all areas that see more water than the rest of your home. While wood floors of any sort are lovely flooring options, they do not like getting wet. So how can you have the beauty of hardwood in these rooms? Luxury vinyl plank flooring has the beauty of hardwood, combine this with the waterproof qualities of vinyl. Now, not all luxury vinyl is the same quality. At Floor City, we are happy to offer you two of the best options that provide you with all the beauty of hardwood and all the benefits of vinyl.

Armstrong Vivero

Armstrong Vivero Flooring

This luxury vinyl flooring has an amazing true-to-life appearance in flooring that brings you all the beauty of natural stone and hardwood floors. The plank shaped pieces have such detail that you cannot tell by looking at them that they are vinyl. This floor resists spills, dirt, scuffing, and staining. Best of all, the floor is waterproof, making it the perfect answer when you want hardwood beauty in your kitchen, mudroom, laundry, or bathroom.

Did you know - Armstrong flooring has pledged to donate 250,000 Sq. Ft. of flooring to help support rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters?

Armstrong Flooring will contribute flooring through a new partnership established with Good360, a nonprofit that matches product donations with community organizations, many of which are engaged in disaster recovery in local communities.

“Our hearts go out to the families and communities that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding it unleashed,” said Don Maier, Armstrong Flooring Chief Executive Officer. “Launching this new program with Good360 enables us to provide flooring to help rebuild communities. Through this effort, we can focus on helping those who are most vulnerable to begin the recovery process and restore their homes.”

Good360 provides products for all stages of disaster recovery and works with its on-the-ground nonprofit partners to assess needs and respond accordingly. The flooring donated through Good360 will be provided to nonprofit organizations, including those helping with rebuilding efforts after disasters.

“Good360 is extremely pleased to be partnering with Armstrong Flooring to assist with the long-term recovery of Texas and Louisiana from Hurricane Harvey,” said Richard Barney, EVP of Partnerships for Good360. “While disasters only remain in the public eye for a few days or weeks, the recovery process for an event as devastating as this will take several years. Armstrong Flooring and Good360 are committed to helping this region recover long after Harvey has disappeared from the evening news.” - source (Business Wire)

Armstrong has this flooring in three types that offer different levels of durability: Good, Better, and Best. All of these have the same beautiful attention to detail that makes them the perfect answer for hardwood or soft stone in high traffic and wet areas in your home. In residential use, the Good floors have a 15-year warranty, the Better have a warranty for 30 years, and the best have a lifetime warranty. That means you will enjoy the beauty and easy care of these floors for a very long time.

The Good flooring uses a quick and simple Traditional Angle Locking system of installation. An installation system called IntegriLock is available in the Best and Better flooring styles. They install securely over most subfloors with minimal prep and no glue.

Metrofloor Engage Genesis 800

Engage Genesis 800

The Engage Genesis 800 series is a waterproof vinyl plank flooring manufactured by Metroflor. This water resistant LVT floor demonstrates the company's focus on creating floors that make a design statement while delivering outstanding performance qualities. With that object in mind, they have created luxury vinyl floors that capture the beauty and feel of the natural wood and stone their floors are emulating. The Engage Genesis flooring line incorporates multiple layers for a floor that is not only beautiful but has many more benefits to offer.

The floor starts with a built-in underlayment that reduces ambient room noise and decreases sound transmission to lower floors. It also provides a cushion and a warmth that makes the floor more comfortable and hides subfloor imperfections. The next layer provides the Uniclick interlocking feature that allows for fast easy installation of the floor. This is also the layer that makes the floor waterproof, making it perfect for the wet areas of your home. The solid vinyl top layer enhances durability and prevents dents and chips. The next layer is the high-resolution printed decorative film that gives you all the beauty of natural stone or hardwood flooring. And this is then topped off with the clear vinyl wear layer that gives the beauty of the floor its lasting value.

The care of these floors is one of the most charming of its features, just sweep, vacuum, or dust mop. Spills just wipe up, and sticky spots usually come clean with a damp rag or mop.

The Beauty of Hardwood Anywhere

Armstrong Natural Creations Diamond 10 Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

These floors give you the benefits of hardwood in places where the real thing is not practical. For that matter, these floors are lovely enough that you might even consider using them throughout your home. After all, life is not always neat, and these floors really do capture the charm of wood. With warranties that start at 15 years, you know these floors will last. For example, check out ArborArt Natural Creations Diamond 10 Technology by Armstrong.