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5 Reasons Why Johnsonite Rubber Wall Base is the Best Baseboard Trim


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You may not think much about the importance of wall base, but it's an important component of your flooring and walls. It's designed to protect the base of your wall, either in your commercial business or home. Rubber wall base, in particular, is a higher quality material that protects as well as brings aesthetic value.

A lot of flooring brands provide rubber baseboards but Johnsonite has become a proven favorite. If you're looking for an affordable and good-looking trim to protect your walls, why should you choose this brand?

1. Johnsonite's Rubber Wall Base Protects From Damage

Those of you with businesses know all too well the base of your walls can take a beating when cleaning crews work during overnight hours. It's not just them if you have considerable foot traffic during normal work hours.

After a while, your walls are going to look fairly beat up if you skimped on providing a quality wall base for protection.

Shop Johnsonite Traditional Wall Base for their best rated rubber baseboard molding. With years of proven performance the Traditional Rubber Base continues to impress in high traffic commercial applications such as schools, churches, office spaces, retail stores, residential hospitality and even for your home.

One of the major benefits to buying Johnsonite's rubber wall base is this material holds up for years under the toughest conditions. The thickness level of the rubber makes a big difference. Johnsonite provides two different thicknesses: 1/8" (3.2mm), and .080" (2.0mm).

2. You'll Protect From Moisture and Provide Insulation

The rubber material Johnsonite uses is extremely high quality, and yet it's still affordable. While rubber is slightly more expensive than vinyl, it provides complete protection from moisture and provides good insulation annually.

This means if you happen to have any flooding or light moisture around your walls, rubber wall base protects your wall and floor. Saving yourself dealing with the problem of future dry rot will make Johnsonite wall base more than worth the investment.

For insulation, it's just as useful during the summer or winter. Rubber wall base works as a form of weatherization to prevent hot or cold air from leaking in through base cracks.

3. Multiple Colors to Choose From

Another good reason to buy Johnsonite is their attention to customization, which includes a strong collection of colors to choose from. About every primary color is available to help match the interior design of your home or business.

Gray is the most popular color in the Johnsonite brand. As a basic color, it's neutral enough where it easily blends in.

However, if you prefer brighter colors to match the color of your floor or wall, you can find green, red, and blue. No matter your choice, the aesthetic quality of Johnsonite outdoes most of the competition. To make things more convenient, you can even choose a custom color.

4. Multiple Height Options

To continue the customization options, Johnsonite offers multiple wall base heights to accommodate specific walls and designs.

You may need a little more protection along the lower portion of your walls if you have multiple people walking by your walls often. In environments where rambunctious children play every day, you'll appreciate having a higher wall base.

Height options starts at 2.5 inches and go up to six inches. Anywhere from four to six inches are generally the most popular.

5. Affordable Price Through the Right Source

Despite Johnsonite rubber wall base being reasonably affordable, you can find even better deals going through a discount online flooring company. Buying this in the box stores will always be more expensive, including being harder to find. Stores like Lowe's and Home Depot don't always offer wall base.

At Floor City, we provide Johnsonite rubber wall base for as low as .89 cents per foot, for four-inch collections. Our prices never go over $4 per piece, making us the most affordable flooring company in the online world. If you don't believe me just read the customer reviews to see why Johnsonite is the best wall base for cost.

Visit our website to learn more about how you can acquire rubber wall base from the always dependable Johnsonite name. 

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