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Roppe 700 Series Wall Base

Roppe 700 Series Wall Base

4.93 / 5 stars, 25.0 reviews
Roppe 700 Series Wall Base is a unique thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wall base product that is as attractive as it is affordable. Roppe rubber baseboard is incredibly durable, allowing it to stand up to a wide range of use when compared to vinyl wall base. Invest in Roppe flooring today and ship direct to the job site with a large network of flooring distributors nationwide. We also supply Roppe transitions, esd rubber tiles, stair nosings and rubber stair treads. Roppe stocks 100 Black, 193 Black Brown, 140 Fawn, 150 Dark Gray and 123 Charcoal.

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700 Series wall base is designed for use in both commercial and residential wall base applications. 700 Series Roppe wall base is available in various heights, from 2 1/2" to 6", and in cove or no-toe to match a variety of flooring installations and application requirements. Roppe transition strips also are available. Roppe rubber wall base is FloorScore certified, contributes to LEED credits and meets a variety of VOC requirements. 700 Series wall base floor molding is manufactured in the USA.

Roppe Cove Base Floor Molding

With its moderate pricing and beautiful color palette, Roppe 700 Series wall base molding is an outstanding selection for any residential or commercial floor installation. Roppe cove base distributors like T & A supply company stock material out of several locations like Kent, Spokane and Tacoma, WA. Choose from a wide variety of Roppe 700 Series Cove Base colors, profiles and size options to fit your space. Easier to work with and providing more flexibility than vinyl base products, Roppe’s unique blend of thermoplastic rubber makes the 700 Series an attractive and economical choice for a variety of applications.

700 Series Floor Base Molding Features:

  • All colors available at a Single Price Point
  • Moderate flexibility due to its rubber/vinyl mix
  • Made in the U.S.A. and meets FloorScore, NSF332 Silver and CHPS criteria
  • Thickness of 1/8″ (3.175mm) helps hide wall irregularities. Standard 2-1/2″, 4″, 4-1/2″ & 6″ heights in 4′ lengths/120′ per carton or 120′ coils in cove or no-toe
  • Durable TPR rubber compound contains bio-based phthalate free plasticizer, from a rapidly renewable resource, and contains 4-6% pre-consumer waste
  • Ribbed back for positive adhesion and top-lip design that helps base fit tightly against wall
  • Roppe 700 Series Wall Base Colors

    100 Black; 177 Steel Blue; 150 Dark Gray; 193 Black Brown; 123 Charcoal, 114 Lunar Dust; 129 Dolphin; 178 Pewter; 194 Burnt Umber; 148 Steel Gray; 175 Slate; 174 Smoke; 197 Iceberg; 110 Brown; 147 Light Brown; 182 Toffee; 623 Nutmeg; 624 Chameleon; 140 Fawn; 191 Camel; 125 Fig; 171 Sandstone; 130 Buckskin; 198 Ivory; 632 Flax; 184 Almond; 170 White; 131 Bisque; 127 Harvest Yellow; 631 Sahara; 639 Beigewood; 640 Creekbed; 122 Natural; 195 Light Gray; 663 Aged Fern; 648 Pear Green; 647 Spring Dill; 646 Gecko; 160 Forest Green; 649 Sweet Basil; 169 Hunter Green; 662 Envy; 118 Peacock; 187 Blue; 139 Deep Navy; 627 Mariner; 618 Aubergine; 665 Horizon; 664 Blue Jay; 656 Bluebell; 654 Lagoon; 638 Cadet; 637 Night Mist; 655 Peaceful Blue; 657 Sorbet; 658 Berry Ice; 621 Merlin; 659 Grape; 186 Red; 137 Cinnabar; 188 Brick; 617 Terracotta; 660 Citrus; 661 Marmalade; 643 Mimosa; 644 Sunbeam; 642 Jonquil; 645 Blonde; 641 Moonrise; 161 Snow.