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Mohawk UltraWood Select

Mohawk UltraWood Select

Ultimate Performance Hardwood

UltraWood features the authentic, classic grain patterns you can only get from natural wood—but now with added durability and reliability from the best of Mohawk’s innovative technologies.

Key Features:

  • Each plank features 100% natural hardwood, designed for ultimate performance and
  • Long-lasting beauty.
  • Lifetime Wear Warranty
  • 5x Greater Dent Resistance
  • WetProtect Waterproof Coating
  • EverLast Hardwood Protection
  • Easy Clean Stain & Soil Protection
  • All Pet Protection

Care and Cleaning

Engineered hardwood reacts to sunlight. Hardwood contains certain types of acids in its cellular structure. With exposure to sunlight, these acids begin to become amber. The color change is referred to as a patina. The hardwood will reach its own natural warmth and patina level and stop ambering. The amount of patina is directly related to the species, the amount of acid, and the level of sunlight.

The entire floor will reach the same patina level over time. This is often noticed after a rug is removed and the floor is noticeably different in color underneath. If you remove the rug and expose the entire floor to the same amount of light, it will even out over time and become uniform in color.

Installation Instructions

Acceptable job site conditions, including relative humidity and subfloor moisture conditions, must be maintained throughout the lifetime of the flooring.

This product is installed as a floating floor only and requires the use of T-moldings in doorways less than 32 inches (0.81m) if the installation changes direction in the doorway (regardless of doorway size) and in rooms 50 feet (15.24 m) or larger in length or width.

Floor movement must not be constrained by glue, nails, screws, hardware, or other fixed obstructions. This includes the base board pinching the floor. You should avoid installing cabinets or any other hardware directly on top of the laminate.

Install permanent items on your subfloor first, and then install the flooring to provide enough space for the flooring to expand and contract with temperature and moisture changes.

If you're looking to enhance your space with high-quality flooring, consider shopping for UltraWood Flooring today. Don't wait any longer to transform your space; shop UltraWood Flooring now and discover the perfect flooring solution for your home or business.