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Mohawk RevWood Select

Mohawk RevWood Select

Mohawk RevWood Select emerges as a distinguished flooring solution, seamlessly fusing the timeless allure of hardwood with the durability and innovation inherent in laminate technology. This premium collection is meticulously crafted to offer an authentic wood look and feel, capturing the inherent beauty of real wood while introducing advanced features such as heightened resistance to moisture, stains, and wear. RevWood Select stands out for its commitment to versatility, providing an extensive array of styles and finishes that cater to diverse design preferences.


The hallmark of RevWood Select lies in its broad spectrum of styles, ensuring that it complements various design aesthetics. Whether one is drawn to the classic warmth of oak, the opulent richness of hickory, or the contemporary elegance of gray tones, this collection presents a versatile selection that can seamlessly integrate into any room in your home. The appeal of RevWood Select extends beyond its aesthetic charm, as it also offers a practical flooring choice with straightforward installation and minimal maintenance requirements.


Mohawk RevWood Select is the epitome of a stylish yet functional flooring solution, perfectly suited for individuals who appreciate both aesthetic sophistication and high-performance features. By selecting RevWood Select, you are not only enhancing the visual appeal of your living spaces but also ensuring a durable and resilient foundation that stands the test of time. Transform your home into a haven of enduring beauty with the timeless charm and cutting-edge resilience of RevWood Select.