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Forbo Eternal Step Sr

Forbo Eternal Step Sr

Forbo Eternal Step Sr is a premium safety flooring solution that seamlessly combines style with enhanced slip resistance. Meticulously crafted, this collection features a diverse range of designs that cater to both aesthetics and safety requirements.


Eternal Step Sr

Stands out as an ideal choice for commercial spaces, offering not only visual appeal but also an added layer of protection against slips and falls. With its high-performance construction, easy maintenance, and commitment to safety, Forbo Eternal Step Sr is the preferred flooring option for environments where slip resistance is of utmost importance. Elevate your interior with the stylish and secure appeal of Forbo Eternal Step Sr, ensuring both design and safety in your space.


Our Eternal step SR safety flooring is specifically designed to match the areas where a high level of slip resistance is needed such as professional kitchens where there is increased slip risk due to contamination issues.


Eternal Step SR vinyl sheet floor covering is a heterogeneous product with a compact calendared backing and a flexible reinforced glass fleece inner layer for dimensional stability. The scratch-resistant PUR wear layer contains colorfast pigments, transparent PVC chips, and carborundum granules. Eternal Step SR has a large quantity of carborundum chips to provide a greater degree of slip resistance than other vinyl flooring.


Sustainable Safety Vinyl


With the focus on LCA improvement, we keep on improving our sustainable performance for all our products. For Step safety vinyl we recycle our production waste internally. We have increased our recycled content in the backing layer; from 39% to 60%. By using Step Crystals: a recycled by-product, we need less energy to produce. For the product itself using Step Crystals results in clearer visual and less soiling which results in less water usage for cleaning in the use phase.