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Flexco Wall Base 2000

Flexco Wall Base 2000

Flexco Wall Base 2000 is a thermoplastic (Type TP) rubber vinyl blend baseboard that gives you the many benefits of rubber at a lower price. Flexco wall base moldings comes in various heights including 2.5" & 6" rolls or pieces. Although 4" inch floor base molding is the most popular with an 1/8 inch thickness, we do sell varies toe styles for your commercial or residential place. For example, Cove & Straight or No Toe options are available.

Flexco Base 2000 Cove Molding Features:

Rubber wall base manufactured by Flexco Floors comes with a limited two (2) year warranty. Flexco 4 inch baseboards come in 4 foot pieces (25 pcs. per carton) or full length 120 foot rolls. Wall base moulding helps protect the lower portion of any wall (especially in high foot traffic areas) while also adding color and design. Flexco lower wall base floor trim installation requires wall base adhesive and can be installed over most surfaces as long as the wall has a clean finish. Before ordering measure how many linear feet you need by simply taking a tape measure and running it along the wall. Do not measure the square footage of a room or you will end up with a lot of waste. The most popular Flexco Base 2000 colors are black, gray, brown, white and beige. Other shades such as red, blue green and yellow are available but may be special order from the mill.

Flexco Wall Base Colors:

01 Black Dahlia, 011 Linen, 012 Burlwood, 013 Blue, 014 Medium Gray, 016 Taupe, 018 Baby's Breath, 02 Bark, 020 Neutrail, 022 Almond, 023 Pebble, 024 Stone, 025 Light Gray, 029 Arctic White, 03 Charcoal, 030 Meridian Bone, 032 Dune, 033 Doe, 034 Barley, 035 Deft Pansy, 036 Gray, 037 Dark Beige, 038 Outer Banks, 04 Coffee Bean, 043 Fjord, 046 True White, 047 Vizcaya Palm, 048 Berry, 049 Winsor, 05 Corn Silk, 052 Polo Green, 056 Milk Chocolate, 058 Blue Shadow, 059 Plum Pudding, 06 Cobblestone, 061 Sunflower, 062 Earth, 063 Mediterranean Green, 064 Honey, 065 Cappucino, 07 Ginger, 071 Black Brown, 072 Chocolate, 073 Burnt Sienna, 074 Seashell, 077 Driftwood, 078 Umber, 079 Red Rock, 08 Autumn, 080 Sierra Red, 089 Antique White, 090 Nickel, 091 Titanium, 092 Graystone, 093 Graphite, 094 Buff, 095 Gun Metal, 096 Goldenrod, 097 Basil, 098 Wheat, 099 Midnight Blue