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Commercial-Grade Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Commercial-Grade Sheet Vinyl Flooring

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Commercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Commercial-grade vinyl sheet flooring remains one of the most popular commercial floor options and is available in a wide range of patterns. It’s durable and easy to clean, making it the smart choice for moisture-prone areas. Commercial sheet vinyl floors come cut or in a full roll with varying lengths.

Floor City supplies the best commercial vinyl sheet flooring and residential sheet vinyl floor goods at an affordable price. Typically, the minimum order is 100 square feet per order.

Resilient Vinyl Sheet Floor Coverings

The following commercial and residential settings benefit greatly from vinyl flooring:

  • Medical facilities

  • Assisted living centers

  • Embalming rooms

  • Breakrooms

  • Classrooms

  • Multi-family housing

  • Hotels or motels

  • Restaurants

  • Apartments

  • Boutiques

  • Grocery stores

  • Public retail/office spaces

Sheet vinyl is most commonly used in high-traffic areas where there is constant potential spillage of urine, coffee, and other liquids that could stain the floor. With vinyl sheet floors, simply clean up spills immediately using a generic floor cleaner.

Vinyl Flooring Sheet Sizes

Sheets come in rolls of up to 100 or more linear feet, commonly between 6 and 12 feet wide. So if you need to cover an area that is wider than the width of the sheet vinyl, use a welding rod to connect the sheets together. This will result in a seam, but most welding rods are made to make smooth cuts for an almost seamless transition between sheets.

Some brands of sheet vinyl also come with a special adhesive, making it easier to place on your floor. Check with the manufacturer or supplier to see what glue is recommended for laying the sheet vinyl.

Vinyl sheet floors will last for many years if properly installed and well-kept. This flooring requires low maintenance, but it should be professionally cleaned periodically.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Cost

Commercial-grade sheet vinyl flooring costs from $1–$2 for standard vinyl and $3–$4 for luxury sheet vinyl flooring per square foot. Professional installation may cost up to $2 per square foot.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Options

Floor City offers a wide range of sheet flooring from top brands like:

When you need vinyl flooring that is stylish and easy to clean with proven durability, then Armstrong flooring is a great option. There are also plenty of options available for residential and commercial use. If you want a specific wood look, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.