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Armstrong Wall Base

Armstrong Wall Base

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Vinyl & Rubber Wall Base

Armstrong cove with toe and straight no toe (toeless) baseboard molding will provide a professional finishing touch to any commercial, retail, or industrial space. Armstrong wall base molding (baseboard) is available in several options: rubber or vinyl, toe (coved) or no toe (straight) profiles, available in rolls and pieces, and is sold in heights of 4" and 4.5" inches tall.

Adhesive: S-725 available in 30 oz tubes and gallon size pails.

How to Install Rubber & Vinyl Wall Base Cove Molding with Adhesive

  1. Clean any surrounding materials near the base of the wall
  2. Flatten the Wall Base Cove Molding with a heavy object if it came in a roll or is bent
  3. Plan the installation and layout the molding against the wall
  4. Cut or score the back of the molding and bend base to accommodate any corners
  5. Apply contact bond adhesive or a zigzag pattern to back of wall base molding
  6. Press the floor molding firmly into base of wall with adhesive attached
  7. Use a J-roller and press out any trapped air to secure a firm contact with the wall
  8. Clean any adhesive forced out during the rolling process with a damp rag

Armstrong Color-Integrated Wall Base Molding

Armstrong rubber base wall molding (baseboard) comes in rubber or vinyl and has both coved and straight profiles available in rolls and pieces, 4" and 4.5" inch height, 1/8 in. (3.2 mm) gauge for design and installation flexibility. Armstrong vinyl coving base helps protect the lower portion of the wall from gathering unsanitary residue and also prevents damage from foot traffic that has the potential of bumping against the wall at a low level. Armstrong flooring accessories like trims and underlayments offer contractors installing floors the installation tools necessary to complete any industrial job. Just make sure to not void the manufacturer's warranty and use the recommended commercial flooring adhesive.