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Armstrong VCT Tile

Armstrong VCT Tile

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Armstrong vinyl composition tile (VCT) is designed for high-traffic areas, with flowing linear patterns, organic looks, and densely patterned earth tones. VCT tile flooring effectively masks scuffs and soil tracked inside busy commercial applications. Armstrong commercial VCT tile flooring provides endless design possibilities with patterns and color options to fit any interior space.

What Are VCT Tiles?

Vinyl composition tiles or VCT tile is composite flooring used mostly in commercial or institutional applications. Commercial spaces with high traffic, like grocery stores, healthcare facilities, or educational environments, tend to use commercial-grade vinyl composition tiles due to the heavy foot and rolling load traffic the floor may be exposed to on a daily basis.

For this reason, VCT tile flooring needs to be durable while providing outstanding performance under foot. Commercial vinyl tile flooring has a thicker wear layer, which reduces maintenance costs.

VCT Commercial Flooring

Composite tile flooring in a commercial setting must have a long life value, which is why Floor City supplies Armstrong true through-pattern VCT flooring.

Armstrong vinyl composition tile flooring has modular flexibility. Most Armstrong VCT tile flooring comes in 12" x 12" square tiles and are manufactured to Armstrong Flooring's Diamond 10 standard of quality. Armstrong’s commercial-grade tile flooring is budget-friendly and has a history of great performance.