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Why Armstrong Commercial Laminate Flooring is Best for Your Commercial Space


Armstrong Commercial Laminate

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Now that you’ve opened a new business recently, have you thought about various subtle aspects to your interior design? If you have everything else thought out from your marketing to branding, your floor can do just as much in enhancing your image.

Your only challenge is that if you want the look of natural hardwood, concrete, or metal on your floor, using the real thing is going to cost a bundle. Real hardwood alone is usually double the cost of laminate flooring. 

The same goes with concrete flooring or ones with metal materials. Why bother to pay this much when you can buy an imitation floor looking identical? Armstrong is your most trusted brand to consider for commercial laminate flooring. 

Why Should You Consider Armstrong Laminate Flooring for Your Business?

There isn’t any better flooring brand in America than Armstrong. The reasons are based on their attention to quality materials, especially in their durableness. For a business like yours, you need flooring able to stand up to intense floor traffic.

At the same time, you want something that doesn’t look obviously faux. One thing about Armstrong is even experts can’t tell the difference between their laminate flooring and real hardwood.

This can do much to help the atmosphere in your business if you’re going for a more rustic interior design. It may be a considerable part of your branding process.

Yet, the look of laminate flooring is just the beginning of its appeal. You’ll want to know all the details about the features you’ll enjoy. Armstrong also offers five different collections designed exclusively for any type of commercial business.

Exceeding Environmental, Health, and Safety Requirements

As a business likely wanting to participate in green practices and needing to adhere to safety regulations, Armstrong’s laminate flooring is the #1 choice.

One thing you can count on buying laminate flooring from them is they meet or exceed all of the above requirements, including health standards. They’re renowned for maintaining proper guidelines on formaldehyde emissions mandated by the U.S. government.

Many state regulatory agencies require specific emissions on commercial flooring. No matter what your state regulations are, you can depend on Armstrong adhering to all requirements and bringing environmental friendliness.

It’s not always easy to find flooring helping green initiatives. To plan your green practices, Armstrong’s laminate flooring is a good way to start.

More Options for Customization Than Competitors

Armstrong understands businesses like yours need more than just a few options in the look of your laminate flooring. They offer the highest number of visuals in their flooring than any other product.

You’ll also find more mixed species of wood than anything else. If you have a specific type of wood you want to use for branding purposes, you’ll have more than enough choices to customize.

It’s the same for size in the planks offered. With various widths and lengths, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll use laminate flooring in odd-shaped rooms. No matter your business layout, you’ll find a proper size to make it fit.

Along with low, medium, and high-gloss finishes, you’ll find all the options needed to make your floor look unique. Chances are, business competitors in your local area won’t even have the same type of flooring you use if they also use Armstrong.

What is Commercial VisionGuard®?

When you look at Armstrong flooring products, you’ll notice they have numerous trademarked features to make them stand out from competitors. Many of these features enhance the quality of their flooring, particularly in adding extra durability.

Their Commercial VisionGuard® is a good example of one of the many trademarked features you’ll find in more than just their laminate flooring. This particular feature relates to the durability aspect to the product.

Through this wear layer, you’ll get top-tier durability for normal and heavy commercial applications. It also means high resistance to wear-through, and dents.

Obviously, you’ll find this important if you’re a business with consistently high foot traffic into the day and night. Especially if you’re a 24/7 business, you need a floor that won’t wear out after just a year or two.

VisionGuard® is also essential if you have heavy furniture or equipment within your business locations. For instance, if you sell furniture, you’ll want a floor that won’t become dented or experience scuffing from constantly moving items around.

Maintaining the Aesthetics of Your Laminate Flooring

In addition to the above protections, Armstrong provides complete resistance to staining. You’ll want to consider this seriously if your business has the potential for stains on a daily basis, especially in a restaurant.

Laminate flooring is very easy to care for in wiping up spills. Even better is that it won’t fade or look damaged from alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  You may drop the latter on your commercial floor if working in medical settings, or if using them for sanitation purposes.

If your floor happens to get intense sunlight most of the day from surrounding windows, it won’t fade due to UV rays.

Thanks to an abrasion test rating of AC3, you can expect this flooring to hold up for years, if not decades. Compared to real hardwood, stone, or metal you’d likely have to replace every few years, laminate flooring should become a smarter choice.

HydraCore™ Plus HDF Infused Core

Another branded feature from Armstrong’s laminate flooring is HydraCore™ Plus HDF (high-density fiberboard) as an extension of their previous standalone HydraCore™ technology.

With this infused core material, you can expect more stability, lasting durability, and even strong moisture resistance.

The latter should become an essential element in any type of flooring you buy. Laminate flooring is another good example of being able to withstand flooding occurring directly in your business, or from outside forces. This is what makes Armstrong truly stand out in providing imitation materials that won’t deteriorate when exposed to water.

What makes HydraCore™ Plus unique is you get the added aspect of sound absorption.  Perhaps your business doesn’t have the best acoustics, creating an annoying echo of noise when experiencing a large crowd of customers. Using Armstrong’s laminate flooring with the above feature easily controls sound to enhance your business’s aesthetic.

While the look of your business matters, how people process sounds without being annoyed is just as important.

A Strong Backing Layer

To further protect your floor, you can look to another amazing feature in your laminate flooring. Armstrong places a balancing backing layer that helps protect the floor from warping if exposed to the elements.

Should you ever experience a flood, the last thing you want is your flooring showing signs of warping. Unfortunately, warped floors are very obvious and can become an embarrassing problem when trying to maintain appearances.

Those of you attracting new customers want to make a good first impression. You definitely don’t want your floor looking awful after dealing with a natural disaster or other situation.

Armstrong continually thinks of these details. They’ve added this feature and more to help your laminate floor last for at least a couple of decades.

What Makes Laminate Flooring Look Like Real Natural Materials?

Have you ever wondered what makes laminate flooring look like real hardwood, stone, ceramic, or metal? It’s based on using a photographic image on the floor’s design layer.

However, this isn’t the only method bringing the realism. Even if the above helps in giving the visual look of natural materials, it’s embossing techniques that Armstrong uses to make the floor feel like the real deal.

Embossing helps create a specific texture mimicking hardwood, stone, or metal. Integrating this with the visual aspects is why even experts usually have a hard time telling the difference.

Those of you looking for a reclaimed wood look, or pitted concrete, this embossing technique gives you stunning detail. It also helps when natural light is reflected on the surface, showing off the textural details at any distance.

Architectural Remnants

You should know about the five main laminate flooring collections from Armstrong to find something best suiting your business aesthetic.

A standout collection is Architectural Remnants, focused exclusively on the look of hardwood. This offers striking wood designs all inspired by reclaimed hardwood flooring.

It’s possible to find Architectural Remnants for a major discount at our store, Floor City. Products like White Remnants, Natural Remnants, and Mocha Remnants show you all of the different patterns, textures, and colors you’ll find in this collection.

This has all the patented features mentioned above, plus micro, pressed, or square ends and edges. You can also choose a gloss level to make design features stand out.

Most of the products in this collection sell for only $3-$4 per sq. ft.

Coastal Living Patina

For a mix of materials from weathered wood, stone, and metal, Coastal Living Patina is another top-tier collection. This flooring goes by the “molded by nature” look, giving a true old-world look to your business if your brand fits the description.

Products like Beach Wood Coastal Living gives you a good idea of the basic look this offers.

All items available under this collection are hand-scraped and give you the look and feel of real driftwood. They also offer distinctive patinas to give a unique appearance to any part of your business’s flooring.  

You can get these in a 7.59” x 47.83 size, or of more varying widths to accommodate different floor shapes. No matter the size of your business space, you’ll find the right size floor at only $3.47 per sq. ft.

Premium Collection

How about using the look of exotic hardwoods? In the Premium Collection, you’ll be able to use laminate flooring inspired by lush canopies of the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America.

Armstrong even offers hardwoods inspired from the Middle East, Japan, and in North America.

For a more international look to your business, this collection is ideal. You’ll find items like American Maple Premium, Midnight Maple Premium, or Mystic Walnut Premium.

These all come in brown and tan colors, matching well if you use darker tones in your basic interior design.

At only $4.59 per sq. ft., this is another amazing bargain at Floor City you won’t find in box stores.

Premium Lustre Collection

For premium domestic hardwoods with stunning high-gloss finishes, Premium Lustre is one of your best bets. This collection is made for exceptional durability when dealing with high foot traffic.

If your business needs a super strong floor while wanting the look of domestic hardwood, Premium Lustre offers a perfect combination.

Colors come in brown, grey, and white for a wide palette depending on your design needs. Products like Candied Cherry Premium and Blizzard Pine Premium are truly beautiful in their look and feel.

Price is only $4.85 per sq. ft., giving you another discount price not overly common, despite laminate flooring being very affordable.

Rustics Premium

One popular interior design trend is the use of scraped textures and farmhouse-style wide boards. Armstrong’s Rustics Premium focuses on this design trend by using imitation domestic and exotic woods.

These give you a naturally aged look using natural knots, chatter marks, and mineral streaks.

You’ll find colors ranging from brown to white, with beige and tan in-between. White Washed Rustics, Sepia Rustics, and Chocolate Rustics are examples of the different color tones and textures you’ll find here.

The above rustic look is very trendy and can add true style to your business’s design.

Finding the Right Source to Buy Your Laminate Flooring

You could go to your local box store and find laminate flooring from less reputable brand names. Despite the affordability of laminate flooring, you may still overpay going through dubious sources.

At Floor City and our related site,, you’ll be able to find trusted information and Armstrong flooring products at prices not found anywhere online.

We invite you to visit our website to check out the five Armstrong collections listed above. You’ll be able to order quickly and easily by calling our number at (800) 898-9540. After your order, we’ll arrange a convenient pickup location.

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