Running a business that deals with the public means paying attention to the aesthetics of your interior, and flooring plays a big part. Have you ever considered what types of flooring you should use inside your building?

The options are overwhelming, though hardwood is always a popular option thanks to the appealing textures and durability. However, real hardwood can often become too cost prohibitive. Your own business perhaps doesn't have the budget for the real deal.

A great alternative is whitewashed laminate or vinyl hardwood flooring.

Through brands like Armstrong, you'll find some great flooring features we can help you find here at Floor City.

Providing the Whitewashed Hardwood Flooring Look

Many businesses enjoy using the whitewashed look to hardwood flooring since it often brightens up rooms and adds a more chic aesthetic to any space. Your business may have a certain theme lending well to this type of color.

Yet, doing the whitewash effect to existing hardwood floors can often become a costly job. You don't have to do this if you buy whitewashed laminate flooring. 

Quality flooring companies like Armstrong offer this in different textures and styles.

The types you choose can help you establish a certain look your business needs now or in the coming year.

Armstrong Whitewash Boardwalk/Coastal Living

Laminate flooring is always very durable, and Armstrong's Whitewash Boardwalk/Coastal Living product is perfect if your business has a coastal theme.

Choosing this floor means you can cover up 14.01 Sq. Ft. of your interior space. In addition, the size is 5.31" x 47.44", covering wide areas where you get considerable foot traffic.

With a 12 mm. thickness, you can count on this holding up for years, no matter how many visitors walk on it.

It's very affordable and easy to install using a lock & fold process.

Waveryly White from Six Degrees

Sometimes you can find other brands other than Armstrong providing excellent whitewash hardwood flooring. Six Degrees is one you shouldn't ignore, particularly their Waveryly White floors that offer luxury vinyl plank materials.

You can cover 54 sq. ft. with this product, and it comes with a UV-cured ceramic-reinforced polyurethane finish for added durability.

A real plus is you don't have to use an on-site finish to keep this floor durable long-term. The whitewash look is more subtle as well, yet brightens up any interior, especially if your business has few windows.

Forestry Mix

To give a more mixed species look to your hardwood flooring, try the Forestry Mix whitewashed floor from Armstrong. As another laminate flooring, this comes in a 5.59" by 47.83" size. It comes with many trim and molding options, a strong aspect of all Armstrong flooring products.

Installation is again through lock & fold, though always hire an Armstrong certified floor installer so the work gets done properly.

Rustics Premium from Armstrong

Yet another outstanding Armstrong product is their Rustics Premium whitewashed flooring. Covering 16.71 sq. ft. per box, this requires no acclimation and comes with Armstrong's patented HydraCore and VisionGuard features.

HydraCore alone provides guaranteed moisture resistance and lasting durability. The VisionGuard feature allows for easy cleaning of all their laminate floors.

At Floor City, you can get Rustics Premium for only $3.47 per sq. ft.

Whitewash Elegant Oak from Furbo

Aside from Armstrong, Furbo is one brand that's equally as reliable. Through their Allura Wood collection, you'll find their Whitewash Elegant Oak floors. This mimics real oak while giving you wood planks in a variety of sizes.

You may prefer the slightly darker whitewash color on these planks to match your other business surroundings.

Installation requires an adhesive, so a professional installer is a must.

Visit us at Floor City to find these products and more. For any whitewash flooring, we carry all the best brands at prices you won't find from competitors.

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