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Textured Laminate Flooring: Why Armstrong is the Best Brand Option

  • Andrew Uhacz

If you're considering placing new flooring in your business this year, you probably feel overwhelmed by the options available. You should always start with brand names you can trust first. While you'll find a lot of good flooring brands, you can never go wrong using Armstrong.

They offer numerous flooring styles, but one of their most popular is textured laminate flooring.

Those of you new to this flooring type should learn as much as you can about the aesthetic it brings, as well as overall quality. It's known for being an affordable and realistic alternative to using hardwood.

Take a look at the styles of textured laminate flooring you can buy, something we can accommodate here at Floor City.

What Makes Textured Laminate Flooring So Popular?

Laminate flooring has extra durability, so if you have constant floor traffic in your business, it's always a smart choice. Textured laminate flooring provides appealing wood designs made to look like real reclaimed hardwood.

For more rustic themes, these are the best choices, and Armstrong adds many patented features to enhance the look.

The customization they provide is bar-none, often giving you hundreds of colors, looks, edge types, gloss varieties, and choice of sizes.

So which of their products should you choose to help the look of your business in the coming year?

We'll help you find the best Armstrong flooring products at extremely affordable rates.

A Promise of Strength and Durability

This promise from Armstrong is one reason they're such a leader in textured laminate flooring. Part of this comes in two distinct patented features they add to their flooring products.

The first is their VisionGuard® feature, which allows you to easily clean your floors without having to use abrasive cleaning products. You'll protect from scratches, surface spills, stains, and other general wear. All it takes is an easy wipe-up if you, your employees, or customers ever spill anything on the floor's surface.

Armstrong's second patented feature is HydraCore Plus. You're guaranteed complete moisture protection with this, as well as superior sound absorption. If your business gets overly loud from visitors or employees every day, you'll find this a useful aesthetic improvement.

Afzelia Floors From Armstrong

It's time for you to find some appropriate textured laminate flooring for your business. Armstrong has hundreds of products, but their Afzelia floors in their Grand Illusions collection is a real standout.

Covering 13.05 square feet, each plank is 4.92" x 47.76" to cover fairly large spaces. You get eight pieces per box, making it fairly simple to install. However, because it uses an adhesive for installation, you'll want to hire a certified installer to assure it's done right.

An attractive brown hardwood color, it's going to provide a classy look when matched with your business's interior decorating.

Other Quality Flooring in the Grand Illusions Line

Armstrong offers up to twelve different textured laminate flooring products in their Grand Illusions collection. With different textures and colors available, you won't have trouble finding something unique, no matter your business's visual style.

One good variation is Canadian Maple flooring, offering a lighter tan color. At only $3.83 per sq. ft. at Floor City, you can see how affordable this is.

For a darker color, their Walnut floors are stunning in appearance. It comes in the same size and installs with an adhesive like the Afzelia floors above.

Those of you looking for more unique wooden textures should consider the Cherry Bronze look. Priced the same as the others, you also get a five-year commercial warranty.

Visit us at Floor City to learn more about textured laminate flooring and why Armstrong never fails you in the best quality on the market.

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