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What is SPC Flooring made of?

  • Andrew Uhacz

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We still hear from many homeowners and business owners who get confused about the various types of vinyl flooring available. It can become perplexing seeing industry acronyms for vinyl floors that don’t really make sense to average consumers.

If you’ve been seeing “SPC Flooring” labels in flooring stores lately, it stands for solid polymer core vinyl. It’s a fairly new and special type that helps offer extra durability thanks to a specific mixture of materials.

Take a minute to learn about this floor and where you should use SPC if your floor traffic continues being considerable.

What Makes SPC Flooring an Exciting New Product?

Sometimes you’ll see “SPC” stand for stone plastic composite, meaning it uses a combination of limestone and stabilizers so you get a rock-solid flooring different from other vinyl options.

The most common vinyl you’ve probably heard about is WPC, standing for wooden plastic composite. These floors have become a bestseller worldwide, though SPC is now making major gains.

While SPC costs a little more, it’s certainly far from expensive. Its extra durability aspect is very important for homes and businesses needing extra protection. One of the standout features is better waterproofness.

A Stronger Waterproof Floor

Many top vinyl floor brands (like Armstrong) offer waterproof features, though they aren’t always tough when it comes to taking on major dampness. While any serious flood will likely mean having to replace your floor, moderate amounts of water won’t necessarily ruin SPC flooring.

Thanks to the materials, water won’t make this floor ripple, swell, or peel. That’s really saying something, even if you do have a minor flood. If you happen to have leaks or track water in regularly on your floor, this prevents latter from wearing out so fast.

Now you know why so many people use SPC flooring nowadays in their kitchens and bathrooms. However, it’s also ideal for a laundry room, including any place where water could become a problem.

Commercial businesses appreciate this vinyl floor as well, particularly places where leaks or water from heavy rains are always a possibility. Restaurants are usually one of the most typical businesses to use SPC flooring.

Those of you who own or manage hospitals, hotels, or schools will appreciate the stableness of these floors thanks to their extra durable layers. It usually consists of a wear layer, a vinyl top coat, then the SPC core itself. Underlayment is also an option for the ultimate in foot comfort and sound control.

Withstanding Denting and Temperature Fluctuations

There are some pros and cons to having a denser core like SPC floors. One of the strong suits is it allows them to become more resistant to temperature fluctuations in volatile climates.

Yes, this means you won’t have to worry about your floor expanding or contracting if you live in a place going from cool to warm within hours. Other floors don’t hold up nearly as well in temperature extremes.

With temperatures becoming more extreme lately, SPC flooring can become a great new investment to avoid embarrassing flooring problems in a business or at home.

The Aesthetic Aspects Stand Out

Vinyl floors are appealing because the pattern of the material design is printed on the surface. These printed designs can be made to mimic the look of hardwood, stone, or even tile.

Experts are often fooled seeing these printed designs and can’t tell the difference when compared to the real deals.

Of course, you can get the look of those above materials for cheaper this way. Many have realized that buying real hardwood and stone just isn’t necessary today, especially with more maintenance required.

Installation is also much simpler with SPC flooring, including using a click-locking method on vinyl planks.

Despite SPC flooring being one option of many and a newer product, ask your local flooring dealer about the best brands available in the marketplace at the moment.

One of the Best SPC Flooring Options

If your looking for recommendations on SPC Flooring. Take a look at Armstrong Pryzm Flooring with 25 wood designs to choose from.

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