Vinyl Plank Flooring in a Garage

Amstrong Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring


Most of us don’t think about our garages as anything overly important, other than a place to store things and park our cars. What we always forget is the flooring in a garage requires extra attention before placing a vehicle in there.

The reason for this is the possibility of using a cheap floor and finding out it’s deteriorated after only a few years. Or, it could be an aging natural material floor suddenly rotting away, requiring inconvenience emptying everything out of your garage for a replacement.

Taking everything out for a higher quality floor is well worth the trouble. Vinyl plank flooring is a very popular option nowadays, particularly using Armstrong Natural Creations ArborArt.

What Makes This Armstrong Vinyl Floor So Outstanding?

As we always say about Armstrong flooring, their biggest strength is their floor durability. Vinyl plank flooring withstands stains and weight better than other types.

For a garage, that’s obviously important if you have heavy vehicles and other items stored inside. If you happen to have considerable foot traffic in your garage, the durability aspect truly matters.

Many car repair garages use this type of flooring for the same reasons. However, they also typically choose this flooring for everything related to maintenance.

It’s Easy to Clean When Spills Occur

You might spend a lot of time working on your car (or cars) in your garage, leading to frequent oil spills or grease stains. Armstrong’s vinyl plank flooring is super easy to maintain and can tackle any type of spill.

Checkout 2 new options:

Keep in mind you should always clean up a spill as soon as possible so it doesn’t set in. Cleaning these floors is very easy, though. All it requires is simply using a wet mopping procedure. Armstrong sells a brand of floor cleaner as well, which helps with general maintenance.

Polishing and finishing your garage floor should also be done regularly since it helps protect the floor from any abrasive wear over time. Besides, using a floor polish helps with the floor’s aesthetic if guests see your garage often. In a commercial garage, appearance is everything for branding purposes.

The Aesthetic of Vinyl Plank Flooring is Hard to Beat

Take a good look at the wood styles Armstrong’s vinyl plank flooring offers. As you can see on our Floor City site, the look and feel of faux wood is very believable, usually fooling the experts.

There is quite a difference between vinyl plank wood and real hardwood. Vinyl is by far cheaper, but no one will be able to tell it’s not real. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the extensive maintenance real hardwood requires so it stays looking pristine.

Some of the wood types you can enjoy with Armstrong’s Natural Creations ArborArt collection are driftwood, weathered oak, walnut, and tigerwood (as just a few). These products look outstanding in any setting, yet turns any garage into a truly beautiful surrounding.

Considering some people turn their garages into a part of their living space, these floors are ideal for that as well. Aesthetically, it’s just a smart choice if you have a car repair service.

At home, it adds value to your living space having a durable and artistic floor if you ever intend to sell your house in the future.

Installation is Easy, Though Professional Installers Are Available

Armstrong’s vinyl plank collections offer a gluedown method as a relatively simple installation method. While some vinyl floors offer a way to easily connect planks together, using glue ensures better leveling in your garage.

It’s not hard to apply the adhesive to the planks. Regardless, it does require a little more time. Those of you who’ve never installed a floor in your garage might want to consider a professional floor installer to make sure it’s done right. Then again, you can do it successfully with a little bit of knowledge from a flooring expert.

Here at Floor City, you can count on us to help you make the right choice in flooring and installation process. We want your garage floor to be the best it can be for whatever purpose.

Our garage floor ideas are just beginning here. Join us for a second part on how a new, professional floor works in commercial or residential garages.