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Office Carpet Flooring Ideas


Kraus flooring offers commercial and modular carpet tile or rolls for any office carpet situation. Not only is it durable and specifically designed for high traffic areas, but it's also easy to clean! Choose from thousands of options in different colors and styles. At Floor City, we strive to provide exceptional service, backed by excellent warranties. Therefore, no matter the office carpet pattern or budget in mind, we're here to help. Contact a flooring specialist today at: (800) 898-9540

Carpet Flooring

Kraus Carpet Flooring by Floor City

Commercial grade carpet refers to high quality loop carpet rolls and carpet tile squares. Commercial carpets are known for their durability, stylish design, stain resistant surface and for being easy to clean or maintenance.

Carpet Tile

Kraus Carpet Tile by Floor City

Commercial carpet tile or modular carpet tiles, are square tiles designed for business and commercial office areas. Commercial carpet tiles are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and are resistant to common stains such as dirt and coffee. Checkout our reviews for customer testimonials on top brands such as Shaw, Kraus and Mohawk commercial quality carpets.

Carpet Rolls

Kraus Carpet Rolls by Floor City

Broadloom Carpet Rolls are a commercial grade flooring option that offers hundreds of style options. Features vary from line to line, see manufacturer's specs for details or call customer service.

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