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How Much is Laminate Flooring Per Square Foot?


The average laminate cost per square foot is between $2 and 3$ at Floor City. Although premium wood and stone laminate floors can cost much more depending on the grade, overall thickness and composition, we do offer discount on overstock laminate flooring. For instance, check out our trendy laminate collection called Calypso by Vacenti. It's sure to fit right in with your decor in any room!

How Much For Laminate Flooring?

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Most people ask us how much is wood flooring per square foot? Honestly, it depends on the application and environment the flooring is being put in. From living rooms to kitchens, the cost of flooring per square foot can drastically change depending on the thickness, composition or grade needed for a particular project. For example, in a commercial setting a company may need something more durable for high-traffic areas. Whereas, a homeowner may just be looking for something more cost effective yet dependable. That's why here at Floor City we recommend going with a residential or commercial laminate floor from Armstrong.

Discounts on Overstock

Discount Flooring by Floor City

We do offer discounts on overstock laminate flooring, but if you see a company advertising cheap laminate under $1 dollar per sq ft, we recommend avoiding. Unless the product is on clearance, the material alone should run brand new close to $2-$3 per square foot. For example, our new Calypso laminate wood flooring is a hit with homeowners looking for a warm, wood look to compliment the space.

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