When it comes to commercial grade laminate flooring there are many manufacturers that offer laminate wood flooring. For example, Armstrong flooring's Architectural Remnants wood planks not only look rustic in appearance, but also Lock & Fold together for an easy installation. Often times this is a great choice for commercial office businesses looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance flooring solutions in moderate traffic locations. Although it is important to find the right look and feel for any environment, the rating of a laminate material or the warranty of the product should always be considered before each project.

Laminate Wood Flooring Structure

Finding a quality commercial laminate flooring can seem daunting, however a good laminate should consist of four layers. Most industrial laminate floors are made from a high-density fiberboard filler, usually made from recycled materials. Underneath, you find a backing or balancing layer which will come in direct contact with the subfloor.

A decorative print layer can be found on top of the filler middle, creating a unique visual appearance which might resemble a wood or stone look, including random patterns. A heat fused clear laminate layer can be found above the print layer, however this make the product impervious to penetrations by dirt or liquids, protecting the core of the laminate wood flooring.

Durability Ratings for Laminate Flooring

Whether you are purchasing residential or commercial grade laminate it is important to know what the material rating is before use. Laminate wood flooring is rated on a scale between AC1 and AC5 based on their ability to resist abrasions, stains, impact and burns.

Flooring Durability Ratings for Laminate:

  1. AC1 Great for residential areas like bedrooms. Not for commercial use!
  2. AC2 Good for residential areas that are public like living rooms and dinning rooms. Not for commercial use!
  3. AC3 Perfect for all residential flooring needs. Can be used in light traffic commercial spaces.
  4. AC4 Intended for light to moderate commercial traffic use. Not so comfortable in residential settings due to abrasive wear layer.
  5. AC5 Specifically formulated to handle high or moderate commercial traffic use. Designed for department stores, shopping centers and offices. Not for Residential use!

Maintenance Concerns: Commercial Laminate Flooring

Regular maintenance of laminate flooring for commercial use requires you to protect the top wear layer by sweeping or vacuuming the surface of the floor. By keeping the surface free of debris, dirt, spills or abrasive particles you can extend the life of your durable laminate flooring. However, it is useful to know that cheap laminate materials made with a lower quality wear layer do not stand up to the same traffic or test of time.

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

  • UV Light Yellowing does not occur with laminate flooring
  • Laminate Wood Floors cannot be refinished once worn down
  • Commercial Laminate Warranties can be voided if not properly installed

Design Options for Laminate Wood Floors

Since practically any design or look can be printed nowadays onto premium wood laminate floors, your design options are limitless. Often times the look of natural materials such as bamboo or cork are generally more aesthetically pleasing, making it easier than ever to find just the right look and feel for any space.

Of course you can always reinforce the top rated commercial laminate floor by using an underlayment to reduce sound. Even details such as beveled edges can add that decorative appeal you were going for when laying your next resilient laminate project.

Eco-Friendly laminate wood planks are all the rave currently. Who doesn't want' to save the environment in the process, right? Plus using recycled materials in laminate flooring can even qualify for LEED credits!