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Armstrong Pryzm is the Best Wood Look Vinyl Plank Flooring


With natural disasters occurring more often nowadays, your home could experience a sudden flood. Or, something occurring within your house (like a broken water pipe) could lead to water damaging your floor within hours.

The way to prepare is to find a superior waterproof floor. If you still want to use wood flooring, Armstrong's PRYZM rigid core hybrid flooring is your best option.

What is Armstrong Pryzm Flooring?

Armstrong pryzm waterproof flooring

One thing you can always count on is Armstrong Flooring being a major leader in floor design. Their name is synonymous with quality, durability, and so much more in keeping your floors looking pristine for years to come.

Those of you looking for waterproof flooring can look to Armstrong's flooring products bringing you the utmost in water protection. Their PRZYM flooring is on a level like no other floor product, combining authentic design with realistic textures. This combination stands the test of time through the worst water disasters while giving you an authentic look of wood.

Rather than contend with real wood that would become instantly ruined in a flood, PRZYM floors give you a guarantee you won't have to replace your floor after being exposed to water.

So what are the features behind how this floor stays so durable and waterproof?

Protecting Yourself from Water

You can use PRYZM flooring in many places within your home, like basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and even mudrooms. For minor water, this floor easily defeats spills and stains. If you happen to get small amounts of water on the floor from a spill, you won't have to worry about it seeping into the wood where it could cause damage.

armstrong treeline hickory amber pryzm

(Real customer photo) PC006

The planks used in the floor won't swell, buckle, or lose integrity when exposed to more excessive water. It means when you have a flood, it won't harm the floor at all once the water recedes.

Thanks to a dent-resistant waterproof core in the floor's layers, you get superior technology not found anywhere else. Overall, these floors have four layers of hybrid construction to give you protection on many other levels. Some of this includes above-mentioned dent protection, realistic textures, and sound absorption.

Easy to Install in Any Part of Your House

Armstrong Pryzm Waterproof Flooring PC006 Treeline Hickory Amber Room View

Unlike real wood, PRYZM flooring is extremely easy to install in your home, no matter the room. Simple installation comes from locking planks with an attached cork underlayment. A design like this allows for easier placement over any subfloors you have with irregularities.

You don't even need any transition strips to install it over large spaces. Imagine how much time this saves you when placing this floor in a large basement, bathroom, or kitchen.

PRYZM Flooring Styles

Armstrong makes it easy to get their PRYZM flooring through different flooring products they offer. For instance, it's possible to get this in laminate, luxury vinyl tile, wood plastic flooring, or vinyl planking.

Armstrong Residential Flooring Pryzm PC006 Treeline Hickory Amber

All of these give you amazing detail and embossed texture mimicking the look and feel of natural hardwood. It looks so realistic that PRZYM floors ended up winning the 2017 Platinum Award for Design Excellence.

Whether dealing with heavy appliances, pets, cleats, or high heels, these floors are going to hold up for years to come. When those water disasters hit, you'll be ready to take it on without making the situation worse.

At Floor City, we sell PRYZM waterproof floors at a discount. Visit us to see all our Armstrong floor products to improve your business's floor for the better.

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