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Armstrong Pryzm Reviews: Product Features & Customer Feedback


Armstrong Waterproof Wood Flooring

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Pryzm - 100% Waterproof Wood Flooring

Those of you who have any experience buying floors likely know that Armstrong is one of the best brands in the world. They’ve been around for many decades, and the reason they stay a leader is because of their patented features in each of their floor products.

Rigid Core | Dent Protection | Cork Backing

When you need a resilient floor Armstrong offers something durable for any home, business or commercial space. Armstrong Pryzm Waterproof Wood Flooring is the best WPC flooring not just because it's made by Armstrong right here in the United States of America but because it can withstand the test of time while bringing the real look of natural hardwood floors.

20 Unique Natural Wood Options

Antiquated Oak Rigid Core with Natural Color

Color #: PC003

PC003 Antique Oak Natural

Armstrong Pryzm PC003 Antiqued Oak Natural

  • This product is numbered PC003 in the Pryzm collection and typically very popular. It comes in a natural color and gives you an antiquated oak design.
  • You’ll also be able to enjoy Armstrong’s patented VisionGuard wear layer while giving you the look of distressed wood.
  • Reviews for this are always positive, with high marks for appearance, durability, and ease in maintenance.

Artisan Floorboard Rigid Core with Light Brown Color

Color #: PC004

Armstrong PC004 Pryzm

Artisan Floorboard Light Brown PRYZM

  • Product PC004 gives you the convincing look of real floorboard. This comes from oak and also gives you a wear layer with VisionGuard.
  • The low gloss look adds real aesthetic value, including the light brown color working well with most living environments.
  • Reviews here are also usually positive, mainly because repairs are so easy. You simply replace one plank with another.

Azure Sea Rigid Core with Blue Gray Color

Color #: PC011

Armstrong PC011 Azure Sea Blue Gray PRYZM Luxury Vinyl Plank

Armstrong Pryzm Waterproof Flooring Azure Sea Blue Gray PC011

  • Known as product PC011, this provides another specialty wood style from the oak species. Using a Blue Gray color is an example of how you can enjoy lighter and more basic colors.
  • We all have our own unique tastes in how we design our homes. The Azure Sea Rigid Core floor will help you do better in design matching.
  • Many reviews for this floor note how you can get Armstrong’s patented adhesives, underlayment, and installation tools to make installs easier.


Brushed Oak Rigid Core with Brown Color

  • Again, you get the look of brushed oak with this Pryzm floor, this time in a more traditional color of brown. 
  • Thanks to an angular locking system, you’ll be able to have a floating floor over your subfloor. This brings a more comfortable feel on your bare feet.
  • Reviewers often give five stars to this across the board, from appearance to easy install.


Keep in mind you can get other colors with this same product. This brushed oak collection also has a touch of gray to give it a very unique finish.


The same product in a tan color.

According to reviewers, the one with tan is a standout. This includes glowing comments from contractors who appreciate the easy install method.

Coastal Concrete Rigid Core with Seascape Gray Color


Here you’ll be able to enjoy the look of stone and other natural materials.

Using a seascape gray color, you’ll have the look and feel of a coastal village if you’re going for this aesthetic.

Most reviewers appreciate Armstrong’s lifetime limited residential warranty and 15-year commercial warranty.

Elements of Heritage Rigid Core – Vintage Multi


This product comes in a variety pack of dark brown to medium gray planks with multi width lengths so you can take on any type of floor space.

It offers mixed species of wood, plus comes in traditional gray and brown colors to give the feel of a rustic environment.

Armstrong’s reviewers often note the convenience of the company offering specialty trims and molding. This includes multi-purpose trim, overlap stairnose, end cap trim, and flush stairnose.

Exotic Woodgrain Rigid Core with Reclaimed Gray


This floor gets rave reviews from pet owners for how durable it is. With mixed species of wood and a reclaimed gray color, it’s another great floor for more down-to-earth spaces.

Those of you who have pets (especially large dogs) will appreciate how well this floor holds up from scratches and stains. In addition, it’s waterproof to take on any puppies you have around the house not yet properly paper-trained.

Forest Treasure Rigid Core in Brown, Gray, or White

PC019, PC018, and PC017

Three different colors in the Forest Treasure collection. As with many of the products above, reviewers always praise Armstrong’s patented Rigid Core technology for added durableness.

Specialty wood is the basic look here again. It comes in basic colors of brown, gray, or white when you want just the basics to complement your interior design.

Gray’s Beach Rigid Core with Driftwood


Create the look of a beachfront business with this white washed wood plank.

Thanks to the Pryzm material, you can add acoustical and comfort benefits to your floor.

While it’s relatively easy to install, not all reviewers find it easy without a little experience and basic flooring tool knowledge. Once again, don’t hesitate to hire a professional installer to get the job done right.

Maritime Rigid Core with Weathered Gray


The use of oak is plentiful with Armstrong’s Pryzm floors. You’ll find it again with Maritime Rigid Core, known as product PC007.

Weathered Gray is a great muted color that can work well in any average room. We’ve found most customers prefer colors like this, and Armstrong makes them more plentiful as a result.

Reviewers point out how great this floor works in moisture-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms, or basements.

Native Acacia Rigid Core – Golden


Native Acacia comes in a golden color to give you the look of another convincing specialty wood.

Some reviewers mention the convenience of floor care products Armstrong provides. This is a major incentive to buying their floors thanks to using safe cleaning products from the brand manufacturer. You’ll avoid potential damage to your floor sticking with Armstrong products.

Salvaged Plank Rigid Core in White

Distressed wood is the look this floor offers thanks to the use of pine. If you need to brighten your rooms, the white color from Salvaged Plank Rigid Core will do the trick.

One of the things reviewers like out about this floor is it’s manufactured right here in the U.S. All Armstrong floors are manufactured in the same location.


Treeline Hickory Rigid Core with Amber Color


Get the look of hickory wood flooring. Available in an amber color, this is a truly classy product designed for businesses or home spaces.

Most reviewers praise the waterproof feature of this floor that helps eliminate any chance of your floor swelling, buckling, or losing integrity.

Vintage Chestnut Rigid Core – Antique Natural

Chestnut is also a beautiful species of wood, and you’ll find it here in an antique natural color.


Online reviewers frequently mention the environmental friendliness of this and other Armstrong floors. Low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) should become top of mind for the health of your family and pets. Armstrong adheres to the strongest environmental manufacturing principles.

Waterfront Rigid Core in Pier Brown and Sky Blue Colors

PC0013 and PC0012

Two different colors within the Waterfront Rigid Core collection.

With a premium performance class, this offers mixed species wood and another look of distressed wood.

The choice of either Pier Brown or Sky Blue gives you some wide color variances based on the interior mood you’re setting.

Vinyl Plank That Looks Like Real Wood

If you’re going for a more rustic look in your business or home, vinyl plank is one of the best choices in flooring. Even experts can’t tell the difference between vinyl’s faux hardwood from the real thing.

You’ll find a lot of reviews on our Floor City site recommending this floor for different residential rooms. For instance, one reviewer for the Waterfront Sky Blue product mentions how they used it in their kitchen and hallway:

This is the floor to use if you need something that can hold up under the most strenuous floor traffic.  Bathrooms are another great place to use Pryzm flooring considering you’ll likely spend just as much time there as you do in your kitchen.

Many of our reviewers mention using this floor in their bathrooms while praising our customer service.

Strong Hybrid Construction

The science behind the durability of these floors is worth learning about. It all comes down to four specific layers Armstrong uses.

It starts with a commercial-grade wear layer to help bring dent protection from any heavy furniture, or if you drop heavy objects. Next is a design layer giving you realistic textures, proving even faux hardwood can feel like the real thing.

Third is a waterproof core to help protect from reasonable amounts of water. Water may occur in places like bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms, though it can also happen in other rooms. Your pets or children could track in water to your living room or bedrooms.

Our reviews prove many people do use Pryzm floors in their living rooms, and even bedrooms. One reviewer showed us they installed their floor in both rooms:

Installing these floors in many other types of rooms makes the fourth layer all the more important. Using a cork backing, this final layer brings added comfort and sound absorption.

Those of you who entertain often in your home will appreciate being able to control any annoying noises. As an owner of a business with hundreds of customers per day, you’ll need something to control the crowd noise so you don’t drive everyone crazy due to bad acoustics.

Easy Installation Methods

Now that you know how durable Armstrong’s Pryzm floors are, you’ll also want to know how easy these are to install.

The good news here is installation is very simple as long as you have some basic knowledge of flooring tools. Putting the floor together is the easiest part thanks to interlocking features. All you need to do is lock the planks together and put them in place.

These floors also come with an attached cork underlayment so you’ll have smooth placement. Your subfloor may have some irregularities, and this makes for an easier installation without doing repairs first.

When working on a deadline for your installation, you won’t have to worry about waiting for weeks to obtain your floor. As you can see with our site reviews, all our customers experience superior turnaround time and delivery methods.

Contractors will appreciate being able to have your floor immediately rather than waiting on a backorder. Also, if you’re installing on your own, you’ll be able to get your floor installed quickly without delays.

Just remember: if you think you can’t install the floor on your own, don’t feel too proud to hire a professional installer. Our staff is here to help if it’s necessary.

Styles and Finishing Touches

Different types of wood styles are available in Pryzm flooring so you can customize any room. Armstrong is one of the few offering many more convincing looks of wood with high-performance abilities.

You can enjoy the look of reclaimed timber, brushed wood, weathered effects, and even multi-width planks.

For unique-shaped rooms, the latter is important so you don’t have to rely on uniform sizes.

Many of our reviews note the convenience of different sizes available.

One reviewer mentioned they were able to buy 130 sq. ft. to cover their living space. A lot of our reviewers (like this one) note our great prices and customer service.

It’s possible to obtain coordinated trims on your Pryzm floors so you always have the perfect match. When installing your floor around steps, we’ll also provide stair noses to help complete the design of your living areas.

Where to Buy Armstrong Pryzm Flooring?

Armstrong’s reviews show how pleased buyers of this floor are, especially for those re-flooring over an old rug. One reviewer mentions how much this floor makes their room look larger

Visit us at Floor City where you’ll find these floors and more at discount prices you won’t find anywhere else, including big box stores.

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