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Armstrong Natural Creations Reviews: Features and Customer Testimonials

  • Andrew Uhacz


The flooring in your commercial business has far more importance than you’ve maybe ever thought about in your career. If this statement sounds strange, you’re not alone.

  • Many business owners take flooring for granted until they notice their floor looks overly worn. You may be in that situation now where you realize you didn’t pick the right floor in the past and need something durable now.
  • Armstrong’s floors are the best in the world, so consider them first. Their Natural Creations collections bring unlimited creative designs and durability for any type of business.
  • Take a look at some important features and what customers say about them at our site, Floor City.

Providing Luxury Flooring for All Businesses

Armstrong classifies their Natural Creations collection as part of their Luxury Flooring brand. What this means is more superior durability and protection from scratches and scuffing.

This comes from Armstrong’s patented Diamond 10 Technology, which uses real cultured diamonds. The benefit of having these properties is you won’t have to worry if your pets scratch your floor, if you spill any liquids, or if someone scuffs your floor with their shoes (i.e. heels).

In a business with heavy floor traffic, there isn’t any better floor to hold up for decades.

Many reviewers at Floor City rave about different aspects to this collection. You’ll find various reviews on our site praising everything from the floor’s appearance to the prices we offer.

For instance, two reviews from Texas on the Grist Mill Toasted Natural Collections Classics floor mention they found a great price through our store. They also note the "local shipping centers throughout the U.S. and how fast you can pick up your order"!

You’ll find five sub-collections within the Natural Creations line. These are Natural Creations ArborArt, Mystix, EarthCuts, Classics, and I-Set.

All these have various unique features you’ll want to know about, including what our customers say about them.

Natural Creations ArborArt

It’s possible to get up to 60 different products in the ArborArt collection. These and the other collections bring modular flexibility, meaning large format shapes and sizes for any business space.

Thanks to modern technology, you’ll be able to enjoy high-fidelity printing techniques that give you the real look of hardwood. Armstrong also makes it possible to customize your own unique designs and patterns.

Made to look luxurious, ArborArt floors now have unique new visuals with trendy colors and textures.

As with all Armstrong floors, maintenance is minimal, making them easy to care for if you’re busy.

Reviewers on our site left many positive reviews for these floors over the last several years. On the Barnside Willow Natural Creation Classics floor (Item #13181), you’ll find two five-star reviews that hone in on price and the superior materials.

One reviewer praises Armstrong as a great brand while also being cost efficient. The other reviewer says they received a genuine deal on great building material.

On the Fruitwood Alabaster Natural Creations Classics floor (Item #18573), a reviewer mentions the convenience of being able to buy premium material at an inexpensive price.

When you buy these floors through our online store, you’re guaranteed to find the best discount prices anywhere, including in big box stores.

Natural Creations Mystix

This Armstrong floor is inspired by carpet tile and woven textures, giving you a unique look when you need something different.

At the same time, you’ll still be able to mimic the look of wood, including stone visuals.

Forty-six products exist in this collection, and we carry all of them at Floor City. Like other Natural Creations floors, this uses Diamond 10 Technology to help protect against scratches. It’s also low maintenance and requires no polishing or buffing.

The best way to describe this floor is luxury vinyl tile inspired by carpet tile. Woven textures are one-of-a-kind, including coming in nine standout colors.

Reviewers on our site truly understand they’re getting a steal of a deal while still obtaining an attractive building product. A reviewer on the Kinderlloy Smoked Aluminum Natural Creations Classics floor gives you further proof.

Other reviewers note how we’ve helped them out of a jam, especially when running short of materials during a re-flooring project.

We appreciate one reviewer from South Carolina who mentioned in 2015 we were able to get this tile to them quickly after they ran short while re-flooring two bathrooms. This involved the Jet Charcoal Natural Creations Classics floor.

Natural Creations EarthCuts

Armstrong designates this collection as a strong floor with elegance. It’s the best way to describe how they bring the essence of concrete and stone without having to maintain the real thing.

A lot of our customers prefer this look and feel of concrete for their businesses. Thanks to subtle color depths and an appealing industrial feel, it’s a perfectly durable floor in places where you’ll receive extra wear and tear.

Of course, the look of stone is perfect for certain businesses wanting an earthier interior. Even in industrial facilities, though, the look and durableness of stone is a good choice.

It’s worth taking the time to look at the reviews for various EarthCuts products. One thing you’ll discover is all our reviewers find this floor a great deal and often a lifesaver.

We get reviews from across the nation, and one from Modesto, California in 2015 notes how superb the Armstrong brand is. They also mention how much this product saved their flooring project. This particular review was for the Durango Beige Natural Creations Classics floor (Item #17637).

Another review from Burien, Washington mentions the industrial grade quality and cheap price. Above all, we appreciate it when reviewers mention the superior help they received when shopping with us.

Top-tier customer service is something you can expect from our team, no matter what type of floor you need. Service at this level is often hard to find in big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Natural Creations Classics

Any type of business needing the look of a wooden floor will find Natural Creations Classics a smart investment.

In addition to the look of wood, this collection also brings organic variations of stone and textiles. With 66 products here, we carry all of them at prices hovering around $5.09 per foot.

Products available include vinyl tile or planks. Installation is also fairly easy using a simple glue-down method. Armstrong offers their patented brand of adhesives to make this process easier.

Reviewers often bring up the aspects above, though most of our reviews continue to focus on how they can get a great floor at an economical price. A reviewer for the Sierra Soft White Natural Creations Classics floor is an apt example.

It’s a good idea to find reviews showing how well this floor works in various rooms. Some of these reviews overlap into the above collections since Creations Classics uses the same name with Mystix and ArborArt products

One reviewer from Norfolk Virginia mentioned how happy they were when we sent free samples before they made a final purchase. Latter review was for the Black Forest Tranquility Natural Creations Classics floor (Item #13589) under the ArborArt name.

Another review under the EarthCuts name told us how heavy-duty these floors are, made better with our incredible service. To show how far we reach nationally, this particular review was written from Mobile, Alabama.

Take some time to visit the Armstrong website as well where you can see the entire palette of colors for the Classics collection. Their site also has some customer reviews if you look around. These reviews show you how far-ranging Natural Creations floors are in where they’re being used.

Keep in mind just because this floor is made for commercial businesses, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them in a home with constant foot traffic. The designations of “commercial” and “residential” can often blur depending on how busy your environments are.

Natural Creations floors look beautiful in homes as well, including in other rooms other than kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms.

Natural Creations With I-Set

If you’re looking for an all-in-one flooring solution that can install quickly, Natural Creations With I-Set is your best bet. It still provides the look of hardwood and other natural materials. The difference here is this has Armstrong’s popular I-Set Installation System so you don’t waste time getting your install done fast.

Businesses appreciate this since it prevents them from having to close things down for days while they install a new floor. You can get this done with a factory-supplied adhesive product.

Warranties are extensive on this floor, including a 20-year commercial resilient limited warranty.

As with all Armstrong flooring, it’s also very sustainable with responsible environmental manufacturing. Part of this includes eliminating VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that could be detrimental to the health of you, your children, or pets. Plus, the entire installation system has no odors.

Twenty products exist in this collection. As with the ones above, we handle all of these in a variety of different colors.

Reviews for this on our site are numerous, including giving shout-outs to individuals in our company for helping find what they needed.

One, in particular, is for the Silk Scarf Platinum Natural Creations With I-Set product (Item #29312).

The economical aspect to these floors continues to be a center focus with many of our reviewers. At only $5.21 per sq. ft., you can see why so many customers use the word “economical” and high quality together.

Aesthetically, products like Cerisier Miel Natural Creations With I-Set continue to wow customers with their beautiful colors and textures. Being able to buy attractive products within someone’s limited budget is all too rare nowadays without having to sacrifice quality.

It’s no wonder we keep seeing reviews declaring Floor City as their new best friend in floor buying.

The Most Popular LVT Sizes and Colors

Not all companies listen to customer feedback to provide what buyers truly want. Armstrong does, and they’ve provided just the right sizes and colors in the Natural Creations collection to accommodate anyone.

This collection offers about 11 different sizes, all of which we carry at our store. Reviewers often mention the 18”x18” and the 12”x12” as the most accommodating sizes. No wonder then that Armstrong made these as the most plentiful in their inventory.

Even more obscure sizes like 18”x36” are available to help you gain a new floor in any odd-shaped room. In your business, you might have a number of uniquely shaped rooms to adhere to your branding. Our staff is there to help you find just the right size.

In colors, it’s no different. While many of the textures and products you see above provide color variances, you’ll be able to choose from 11 basic colors in each product.

Once again, Armstrong listened and found out that brown, gray, and stone are the top three colors customers prefer. Sixty different products are available in brown, 47 in gray, and 43 in stone.

Despite these more muted colors being the most popular, you can also find brighter shades like blue, green, red, and even purple.

How to Order Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Flooring Online

Did you know if you buy Natural Creations floors from the big box stores, their costs are usually 20% more? You’ll also often find mediocre customer service in places like Home Depot or even Walmart.

We invite you to read our site reviews page to see how many people appreciated our attention to superior customer service, price, and quick delivery. We’ll even send you free samples before you make a final decision.

It takes real experts to find a floor that fits your business or living environments. Our staff has years of combined flooring knowledge so you can get any question you have answered quickly. A chat portal on our website can help you fast with any question.

Call us at (800) 898-9450 now to place your order for your Natural Creations floor. With shipping centers throughout the U.S., you can pick up your floor as far as the eastern seaboard.

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