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25.77 square feet / box
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Anderson Tuftex Imperial Pecan 7.50" x Varying Length Engineered Smooth Pecan Chestnut AA828-17040 (25.77 Sq. Ft. / Box)

25.77 square feet / box

Available for Pickup
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Covers 25.77 square feet
BrandAnderson Tuftex
CollectionImperial Pecan
FlushAFR12 - 17040
OverlapAAOL1 - 17040
Product Name7.50" x Varying Length Hardwood - Engineered Smooth Pecan
QuarterAAQTR - 17040
SizeRandom 15.74" to 82.67" x 7 1/2"
T-MoldingAATMD - 17040
ThresholdATH12 - 17040
Width7 1/2"
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Dynamic variations in tone and texture perfect this natural pecan. Finding balance between smooth and more complex grains, warm tones are made even more interesting and inviting. No two planks are exactly alike — each one resembles different grain patterns seen in pine, white oak and hickory. A full half-inch thick, Imperial Pecan comes in a timeless 7.5-inch plank.