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To apply for terms with Floor City you need to start by selecting the Apply for terms button. You can find the buttons at the bottom of this article, on the main menu of the website or on the checkout.

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Place Order Apply for Terms FundBox Pay

Clicking this button will redirect you to our terms sign up page. The next step is to click the “Apply For Net 30” button

Once you have clicked on apply you will be asked to provide some business details.

Get Business Credit without your personal credit score

Select continue and you are almost complete. The application will ask you to provide business bank statements or link your bank account to Fundbox to verify your ability to make payments.

Get attractive payment terms with fundbox credit

Your application can now be submitted. Once approved you can purchase any products from Floor City with 30 days to repay in full.

If you would like to work through the application with one of our team then you can call us on: (800) 898-9540

I Have Applied How Do I Buy?

Once you have been approved you are able to use your 30 day terms.

Firstly browse the website like normal and add products to your cart. When you want to place your order navigate to the checkout and select Purchase Order

Purchase Order Number - Approved Purchase Orders Only

Enter a PO number that has been generated by your internal system or add a purchase order that you will remember then click Place Order.

Once the order has been placed Floor City will receive notification of your order. We will notify Fundbox and you will receive an email asking you to approve the transaction.

Select Approve Transaction to finalise your order.

Your order will be shipped to you by Floor City on 30 day terms.

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