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Mohawk SolidTech

Mohawk SolidTech

SolidTech luxury vinyl plank redefines performance flooring with its incredibly durable & stain-resistant coating, waterproof protection, and authentic wood grain look and feel. A leap forward from average composite core flooring, SolidTech is designed to evolve with your space.

Is LVP scratch-proof?

SolidTech has exceptional resistance to common forms of damage, including enhanced scratch protection that sets it apart from traditional flooring. It's meticulously engineered to be scratch resistant and made to withstand general wear and tear. Thanks to the durable wear layer, Mohawk flooring makes an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings.

SolidTech Benefits:

Mohawk SolidTech LVP flooring isn't just durable; it's aesthetically pleasing too. It comes in a variety of elegant designs and colors that can add sophistication to any space. From authentic hardwood patterns to stone and tile designs, Mohawk SolidTech flooring offers a spectrum of choices to suit your individual taste and decor. The enhanced lacquer finish helps telegraph visual imperfections, ensuring dimensional stability and a perfect look.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing SolidTech Plus or even SolidTech Essentials is a breeze, thanks to its convenient click-lock system. Post-installation, maintenance is equally straightforward. The waterproof surface ensures easy cleanups, making Mohawk SolidTech Plus an ideal, pet-friendly choice for homes and spill-prone areas. The wear layer adds additional scratch resistance to this luxury vinyl plank, further enhancing its value.

Experience the SolidTech difference—where durability meets design—and your floors will become a statement of both strength and sophistication. Choose Mohawk SolidTech LVP flooring for a perfect blend of resilience and beauty that stands the test of time.