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Armstrong Vivero Good

Armstrong Vivero Good

Armstrong Vivero Good luxury flooring offers beautiful looks in rustic, traditional, and exotic hardwoods. The realistic visuals inspired by nature offer our widest selection of luxury vinyl, in plank-shaped tiles. It's easy to find luxury vinyl tile or plank that clicks together when our Vivero luxury vinyl floors feature a new premium IntegriLock system for a quick and easy installation. For every Vivero floor style, there's a trim designed to match. With multi-purpose trim it can be used as T-molding or surface reducer.

Buy Vivero Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Choose between 3 performance options like Best, Better or Good: Higher performance levels have a stronger finish, longer warranty coverage and more plank sizes and installation methods.

  1. 100% Waterproof
  2. Made in the USA
  3. Resists scratches, spills, dirt, scuffs and staining
  4. Visuals include rustic, traditional & exotic hardwoods, or natural stone

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