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Armstrong Mystix with Diamond 10

Armstrong Mystix with Diamond 10

4.98 / 5 stars, 60.0 reviews
Armstrong Natural Creations Mystix with Diamond 10 LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) Flooring. Unique and stunning floor tile designs spring to life with your vision and the nearly limitless possibilities of Armstrong's Natural Creations Mystix Collection. Overlays of textiles and textures, colors and hand-painted art capture contemporary interior trends while offering maximum design flexibility.

Commerical Luxury Vinyl Tile

Customize your own color combinations with our Create Your Own Color Luxury Flooring program, which allows you to blend our popular Spettro visuals with Mixer colors, resulting in truly unique floor designs. The textures and colors within the Mystix collection can mix and coordinate to create distinctive floors in commercial environments from corporate and retail to hospitality and beyond.