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2.5 Inch Wall Base

2.5 Inch Wall Base

2.5 inch wall base molding is often made of rubber and vinyl or rubber-vinyl blends. Vinyl baseboards and rubber/vinyl mixed wall base is a great option if your looking for an inexpensive way to add protection to your walls. Cove base with toe or straight toeless wall base without toe is also made of rubber providing more flexibility and resilient qualities. Rubber floor base has a more dull matte finish on the surface and vinyl is more shiny.

Floor Facts:

If you are looking for toeless or straight base please call customer service 800-898-9540 your Burke Mercer, Armstrong, Johnsonite and Roppe wall base distributor. The majority of wall base sold in the United States is vinyl or vinyl-rubber blends for design and sanitary purposes. Floor City is a Washington State based supplier that distributes Roppe nationwide. All orders must be in full box quantities we do not cut or mold to fit custom spaces. This product is sold in 120 foot rolls / coils and 4 foot pieces. To make sure you get the correct color we recommend you order a sample of rubber or vinyl baseboard prior to ordering a full carton. All shipments are special order and are not returnable unless material is deemed damaged or defective from the manufacturer.

Straight or base with no-toe is often used for carpet installation. Cove base molding is best applied in vinyl, laminate and tiled floors. Retail stores also like cove base because it makes cleaning or maintenance simple and fast. The wall molding protects the lower portion of the wall but it also offers an accent to any room that separates the floor from the wall. Rubber wall molding is popular for having the ability to be molded and shaped in and out of corners. Glue is required and can be applied with a caulking gun or putty knife. We recommend using a 30 oz cartridge and an oversize caulking gun to apply adhesive to base and wall. A 3 or 5 hole nozzle will also help you spread the adhesive on to the backing of the base before pressing firmly on the wall.

Going Around Corners?

Tip: Try scoring the back of the floor molding material on corners to make the base fit firmly against the wall. Roppe cove base is a great option for apartments, condos and other residential living spaces.

Custom colors and a variety of lengths, thicknesses, heights, profiles, and external corner options are available. If you don’t see the product you are looking for, contact one of our Flooring Specialist at (800) 898-9540 to discuss your requirements and answer any of your questions.