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Armstrong Luxe Plank Reviews


Armstrong Luxe Plank with Rigid Core

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

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As you search for a new floor to use in your home or business, vinyl plank has perhaps become your final choice. If so, you’re no doubt overwhelmed at the amount of flooring brands offering vinyl plank and their claims to being #1.

  • Armstrong should go your short list, because they’re the true world leader in vinyl plank and all other types of flooring.
  • Their Luxe Plank vinyl collections continue to grow. Out of these, they’ve created Good, Best, and Better variations.
  • Luxe Plank Better truly lives up to its name in providing the luxurious look of exotic and traditional hardwood. Take a look at its features and what customers continue to say about it on our site, Floor City.

The Convincing Look of Hardwood

Buying this floor in plank form with beveled edges means you’ll have something looking exactly like the hardwood you’ve had before. If you’ve ever used a hardwood floor, you know how much work it involves to keep it maintained.

The Luxe Plank Better collection will solve most of your concerns if you’ve long given up on caring for hardwood. Even experts won’t be able to tell the difference between the faux wood and the real thing. You can count on this, even when looking up close at the textures.

Reviewers on our site frequently shout out to the great quality of these floors, including the cost-effectiveness. One reviewer from Knoxville, Tennessee mentioned this a few years ago, plus praising our fast delivery.

Another reviewer mentioned they appreciated our sample deliveries so they could make a better decision on what they needed. Ultimately, this reviewer passed on the floor thanks to our attention to understanding their flooring tastes.

It’s always better to slow down and take time to find the best Luxe Plank product for your personal environments. No matter how busy your home or business gets, you’re going to find a long list of great Armstrong floor features guaranteed to hold up for years.

The Durability Factor

Thanks to a sturdy thickness level on these floors, you’ll have something that solidly protects against moisture and high impacts.

For a business, this means a lot if you have considerable foot traffic most days. Although know you can use this in a busy home as well. Those of you with numerous children or pets in your household already know how much of a beating your floors take.

All Luxe Plank flooring is made to retain its beauty, even with excessive wear and tear. Much of this is thanks to the use of Armstrong’s patented Rigid Core technology in the planks.

The wear layer on most of the Better floors is made of urethane for a more comfortable feel. Thickness level is also 0.135”, giving you a good idea of how much protection there is.

Customers often leave reviews directly on the Armstrong site as well, and they always mention the rooms where they use these floors.

A reviewer for the Empire Bamboo design says they used the floor in a mudroom to tackle weather elements. They go on to say these floors hold up exponentially better than old-fashioned linoleum used considerably in past decades.

Most buyers use Luxe Plank Better floors in bathrooms, kitchens, and the above mudrooms. However, don’t hesitate to use it in other rooms like basements, or even bedrooms.

The aesthetic beauty ultimately lends itself to being used in any space imaginable.

Finding the Right Color

Eleven different products exist in the Luxe Plank Better collection. Four different colors are available in these, and they’re all fairly standard to represent the look of various wood species.

The most plentiful color is brown in four products. Copper and Red-Brown are the next most popular. Beige is also available if you need a color with more character.

As we mentioned, we send out free samples to our customers so they can test which color works best for their living spaces. Our color disclaimer explains why we do this. It has to do with colors not always translating well on a computer screen when doing online shopping.

Keep in mind many of the Luxe Plank Better floor colors are described in different terms. For instance, some products describe the color as Caramel, Mahogany, or Honey Butter.

Reviews on our site continually praise these colors. The Kendrick Oak Honey Butter floor has a couple of positive reviews to give you an indication of how customers feel.

A reviewer from earlier this year notes they used Luxe Plank to replace an old carpet. Another reviewer mentions they bought this floor to replace a damaged area of an identical floor.

Let us know how these colors work for your home or business.  

Finding the Right Size

These Luxe Plank floors come in one standard size: 6”x48”. It’s a good size fitting most common living spaces.

We’re available to talk to if you’re not sure this size will work for you. With other options available in the Luxe Plank line, you can find something to accommodate any situation.

Most of the Better floors cover 28 sq. ft. of space. Planks are usually in 14 pieces per box, making it a convenient flooring product to pick up and transport in any standard car or truck.

Again, write us a review to let us know how this size worked for your rooms. We hear occasionally from reviewers who appreciate the sizing options from Armstrong. The latter never wavers from making flooring a convenience rather than a burden.

Easy Installation

We’re still receiving reviews praising the installation methods of Luxe Plank Better floors. It’s fairly easy to do and involves using a glueless click method to fasten the planks together.

Formally, this is known as a floating floor, which essentially means floating over your subfloor without using adhesives. This works by locking your planks and tiles, plus using an underlayment.

Despite the ease of installation, you still need some basic knowledge of flooring tools. If this is your first time doing an install, we recommend hiring a professional installer to make sure it’s done right.

Look around our site for various reviewers who note they chose a professional install. Each reviewer didn’t regret doing so because it meant preventing errors and a longer lasting floor.

To make things easier, Armstrong lets you install this over most subfloors. It’s also suitable to install either above ground level or below, meaning it’s ready-made for basements.

You may need an underlayment if you have any severe imperfections in your subfloor. Armstrong provides an underlayment product, which can help with durability and brings superior sound absorption.

In the chance you need a professional installer, Armstrong provides a page to help you find one locally. Our Floor City staff can also help with this if necessary.

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning

Despite easy maintenance for this floor, you still need to keep it clean if you want it looking pristine years from now.

Since Luxe Plank floors are made of vinyl, they’re already easy to clean. Regardless, you need to use the right tools and cleaning equipment to ensure you don’t cause damage.

You’ll find a lot of independent guides on how to clean Armstrong vinyl plank floors. The main key is to wipe up any spills as soon as you can so they don’t set in permanently.

While Luxe Plank Better does handle spills well, it does need protection from heavy items, any abrasives, or significant spilling. All you need to do to keep spills from seeping between the planks and damaging your subfloor is to use a mop.

Other simple cleaning methods include general sweeping and even shining the floor using a shine-enhancing product. Armstrong once again provides patented shine products so you know you’re not buying something abrasive.

Also consider buying walking mats (without latex or rubber) to place near entryways so guests and pets don’t track in dirt or other debris.

We hear from a lot of reviewers who appreciate the relatively easy cleaning these floors bring. Still, there’s a chance you may not have time to clean very often. If not, consider using a Roomba for automated cleaning.

Most of our customers tell us they love the lessened maintenance, especially those who know about the burdens of care for real hardwood.

Using Your Warranties Wisely

All Armstrong floors have generous warranties. This hasn’t kept some people from thinking they’re covered on certain damages when they haven’t read the warranty contract.

Once in a great while, we have a reviewer who encounters a problem with their floor. We do our best to help them find a solution by filing a warranty claim. For the most part, though, these problems are sometimes the fault of the buyers who don’t take time to read proper care instructions.

Armstrong’s warranties cover manufacturing defects only. Before you buy, make sure you read their warranties page covering all their luxury flooring.

As you can see, any lack of care to your floor isn’t covered by the warranty. It means if you don’t clean up stains from your pets, or use abrasive cleaning products, you’ll have to pay for your own repairs.

Should you experience any defects beyond your control, Armstrong has you covered with 30-year protection for residential use. Commercial usage is seven years, particularly for Luxe Plank Better with Lynx Installation Technology.

During the buying process, we’re available to help you understand the warranty if you’re not clear about the contract.

Buy Your Luxe Plank Floor Online Rather Than Big Box Stores

Have you ever gone to a big box store selling home goods and spent time in the flooring department? Chances are, you probably had a sales clerk try to sell you on a particular floor without them expounding much knowledge about what you’re buying.

These scenarios are fairly common in places like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart. Their sales staff is there to strictly make a sale and not much more.

Maybe you’ll be lucky to find someone who knows what they’re talking about, but it’s very rare. Your best bet is to go online and to a company that sells floors exclusively.

We know doing a Google search for flooring companies can become overwhelming. When you turn to us at Floor City, you’ll have real flooring experts at the ready to answer any question you have.

Our staff isn’t out to just make a sale. Finding what you really need is important to us, including sending free samples to make sure this happens.

Read many of our site reviews and you’ll see the majority of them praise our sense of customer service. Many times, this involves a reviewer mentioning the name of one of our helpful staff members.

Another thing you can trust is our discount prices are the lowest you’ll find anywhere else. Numerous discount flooring stores are findable online. Out of all, our prices are usually unbeatable without sacrificing quality or top-tier service.

The majority of Luxe Plank Better floors on our site go for only $4.31 per ft. First-time customers also often get an additional discount.

Asking Questions About Luxe Plank Better

No doubt you have a lot of questions about your Luxe Plank floor we couldn’t answer here. Thanks to our site’s chat portal, you can talk directly with one of our staff members in real-time about what kind of floor you need.

We’ll also answer any questions through email, or by phone. Moreover, you’ll have your questions answered immediately rather than have to wait days for a response. Considering you may have a contractor scheduled to install your floor, we know making a buying decision can’t have delays.

Take a look at our entire collection of product reviews to show how much reviewers appreciate us answering every question asked.

Placing Your Order

Call us at (800) 898-9540 to place your order today. With pick-up centers located throughout the U.S., you can obtain your floor as far as the U.S. East Coast.

Your review helps other customers make a smarter buying decision whether Armstrong’s Luxe Plank Better is right for them.

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