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Affordable and Durable Vinyl Plank by Chesapeake Flooring


If you have any experience using vinyl plank flooring, you already know it’s become the best option for saving money when real wood isn’t an option. The cost of using real hardwood keeps rising every year, especially when selecting specialized wood species.

Flooring providers are seeing a huge drop in real wood floor sales by consumers lately in favor of vinyl plank. It’s based strictly on price, as you might guess. Plus, vinyl plank flooring doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance to keep it looking pristine.

Some of you may be either replacing your prior vinyl plank flooring, or using it for the first time. For you first-timers, you’ll want to know a bit more about vinyl plank, which we’ll cover here.

Those of you already familiar with these floors at Floor City will want to know about a great brand worth trusting: Chesapeake Flooring.

What Makes Chesapeake Flooring Such a Standout?

If you’ve read us before, you know we’ve covered a lot of different high-quality flooring brands over the years. Brands like Armstrong and Forbo are still popular and never waver in top-tier materials.

Chesapeake Flooring has also emerged as a new leader in the flooring fray. They’re following in the steps of the above floor manufacturers by providing very similar features to every homeowner’s benefit. Also, keep in mind vinyl plank flooring is perfect for businesses.

One of Chesapeake’s biggest selling points comes from their key marketing phrase: “Floors that withstand life…beautifully.”

Having a floor that can withstand heavy floor traffic is what any homeowner or business owner wants without spending a fortune on something subpar. Like Armstrong, Chesapeake provides premium products at discount pricing levels.

The company has become a unique favorite because they offer both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors. With engineered hardwood, you’re getting a more affordable option without having to deal with the intense maintenance.

Vinyl plank flooring falls under this category thanks to vinyl being so durable and not expensive to produce. Take a further look at what this means if you’re deciding to choose Chesapeake Flooring as your vinyl plank option.

The Benefits of Using Engineered Wood in Vinyl Plank

When you look at Chesapeake’s page about engineered wood floors, you’ll notice the top plank layer is still genuine hardwood so you can enjoy its natural beauty and the grains.

Most importantly, it’s economical and has a strong warp resistance. If you’re prone to moisture in your home or business, it won’t affect your floors dramatically like real wood does.

Chesapeake flooring does provide a solid hardwood option as well with planks cut directly from the tree. These planks are available all in one piece, even if it’s more fragile than the engineered variety.

Both options give you the beautiful aesthetics of numerous wood species, making it appropriate for any interior design with a rustic theme.

Above all, you can customize this brand of vinyl plank flooring so it easily fits in any shaped room.

Uniform Widths and Lengths

Your home or business may have different room shapes that are difficult to measure when needing a new floor. Most flooring companies offering vinyl provide customized widths and lengths in the planks.

You can expect the same from the Chesapeake brand. Widths and lengths are various so you can place the planks in any odd-shaped space.

For branding purposes, this could be an essential part of your business. Your home may be the same way if you’ve personally designed it to reflect your personality.

Getting it installed, though, is probably just as concerning, despite the ease in size choice. When buying from a reputable brand like Chesapeake (and from a knowledgeable dealer), you don’t have to worry about losing valuable time on installation.

What’s Your Most Convenient Installation Method?

One of the great things about the Chesapeake flooring brand is their attention to educating consumers about what’s available to them. At Floor City, we find this a valuable asset and consistently do the same with our customers.

Part of this comes in telling customers what kind of installation methods they can expect with vinyl plank flooring. Chesapeake has a special page devoted to these methods, starting with one of the most popular: Click-locking.

Latter is certainly one of the fastest installation systems thanks to simply locking two pieces together at a time. You don’t have to worry about any gluing method here and your planks install in usually a few hours.

Tongue & Groove is another common installation system as a similarity to Click-Lock. It uses edge profiles that slot together snugly. The only difference here is you do need to use an adhesive to make the planks stick properly.

Yet another option is to simply nail down the planks, or use staples. This is a solid installation as long as you know what you’re doing. If you’ve never installed a floor before, we can help you find a reputable installer in your area.

Of course, using a gluing method is an alternate installation concept requiring only a tad bit of expertise. Sometimes this can become messy and lead to mistakes, so don’t attempt it without prior experience.

Taking Care of Your Vinyl Plank Floor Over Time

Thanks to vinyl already being durable, you won’t need to put in a lot of maintenance to keep it looking pristine for years.

Some maintenance is still required, however. It’s already water resistant, yet you’ll want to clean it regularly so the aesthetic beauty of the hardwood continues to look new.

Tough stains may require having to buy a specialized vinyl flooring cleaner, which are widely available online. Simply sweeping, vacuuming and dusting once a week will help prevent dirt from setting into the wood.

A mop with warm water is a good bet to clean up any spills. Be sure to clean them as soon as possible to avoid staining.

Buying Chesapeake Flooring at Floor City

We invite you to find Chesapeake vinyl plank flooring through our online store. Call us at (800) 898-9540 to place your order. With our distribution network centers located across the nation, you can order anywhere.

Best of all, we have the expert team you need to determine if vinyl plank flooring is the best choice for your living space so you never have to make a return.

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