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6" Inch Wall Base

4.95 / 5 stars, 54 reviews

FloorCity stocks thousands of wall base, including 6-inch baseboard options, ready to ship nationwide. We supply all the top baseboard brands like Armstrong, Burke, Roppe, Flexco, and Tarkett.

Our baseboards come in a variety of options:

  • Vinyl

  • Rubber

  • Rubber/Vinyl Blend (ThermoPlastic/TP)

  • Cove (with toe)

  • Straight (no toe)

Whether you're interested in durable rubber wall base or decorative baseboards in red oak or charcoal colors, check out our wholesale pricing and purchase the perfect solution for your next project!

6-Inch Wall Base Molding

Most 6-inch wall base (cove base) molding is often made of rubber and vinyl or rubber-vinyl blends. Vinyl baseboards and rubber/vinyl mixed wall base strike a perfect balance between cost and durability. These baseboards are an affordable addition that protects any space. Roppe cove base is a great option for apartments, condos, and other residential living spaces.

Whether it's a cove base with toe or a straight toeless 6-inch baseboard, our products are designed to provide flexibility and resilience. The 6-inch rubber cove base features a more matte finish, while the vinyl presents a shinier surface, ready to take on paint. Most wall base sold in the US is vinyl or vinyl-rubber blends for design and sanitary purposes.