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Roppe Flooring Adhesives

Roppe Flooring Adhesives

Choosing the right adhesive can make the difference in the appearance, performance, and longevity of your floor. Roppe offers a full line of adhesives that were developed especially for their products and offer numerous environmental benefits, too.
Not Pictured:
Quik-Stik Adhesive Tape
ROPECC Epoxy Caulking Compound (Stair Tread Nose Filler)
ROP400 & ROP500 Spray Adhesives for Vinyl (ROP400) and Rubber (ROP500)

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Products in order left to right:
ROP125 Wall Base Adhesive
ROP220 Pinnacle Wall Base Adhesive
ROP360 Acrylic Tile and Stair Tread Adhesive
ROP435 Solvent-Free (Two-Part) Flooring Adhesive
ROP445 Rop-Cord Adhesive
ROP535U Universal (Two-Component) Urethane Enhanced Epoxy
ROP604 ESD (Two-Part) Epoxy Adhesive
ROP635 Solvent-free Moisture-cured (Single-part) Polyurethane Adhesive