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4.23 / ft
| $169.29 box
40 linear feet / box

Tarkett / Johnsonite Millwork Equinox 4.5" Cove Molding MW-XX-R 4.5" x 8' / 47 Brown

Brand : Tarkett
4.23 / ft
| $169.29 box
40 linear feet / box
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The Millwork Wall Finishing System includes contoured wall base, chair rail, a corner guard, quarter round, and shoe moulding. Designed to coordinate with each other and with other elements in the space, they help simplify the finishing process of rubber flooring or vinyll flooring. The true beauty of Millwork, however, could be the cost savings versus real wood. Lower initial costs combined with ongoing maintenance savings makes Millwork a high-performance solution that helps boost productivity and ROI.


  • Finishes in solid color or Wall Art (replicating wood, stone or metals)
  • 8-foot lengths
  • Easily conforms to gentle curves and irregular surfaces
  • Eliminates priming, painting and finishing
  • Non-fading surface, free of knots, grains and nail-heads
  • Won't splinter, chip or absorb liquids
  • Resists scratches dents and stains
  • Eliminates need to harvest lumber Installs with regular cove base adhesive
  • Unfinished version available with ready-to-paint surfaces