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$1.70 ln ft
| $170.48 box
100 linear feet / box

Tarkett / Johnsonite Traditional Duracove Rubber Wall Base #40 Black Tightlock Carpet 4-1/2" x 4' Pieces by 1/8"

Brand : Tarkett
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$1.70 ln ft
| $170.48 box
100 linear feet / box
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Read Color Disclaimer

We recommend ordering a sample from us or the manufacturer to ensure satisfaction. Even samples are not always an exact representation of the final product but should be very close. Colors can also vary based on when they were produced. If made at different times the shades could be slightly different. This is not an issue if the material is going in different spaces or rooms, but if being installed in one consistent area then we recommend buying enough flooring/materials to cover the entire space + 10% for waste.

Size/Thickness Differences

If you are considering installing this product next to, or together with an existing product it's important to understand that they may not match in size or thickness. Even if you get a sample, the samples may not be an exact representation of the locking mechanism or profile of your current materials. Please verify that the thickness and product codes match identical to the box or specifciations of your existing floor. If you order the wrong material it may be returnable in some cases, but there will be a 35% restocking fee.

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Designed with a patented wedge shaped bottom, TightLock Rubber Wall Base for Carpet Pieces delivers a straight, clean look. TightLock provides a full " tapered thickness to hide damaged sheet rock and other wall imperfections. An offering of six profiles - 3 for resilient and 3 for carpet--accommodates any commercial flooring material and quickly hides glue lines with its added height. TightLock for carpet does not need to be removed when replacing carpet; simply tear out the old carpet, install the new carpet, the fibers can be tucked under the wedge shaped slope for a clean, finished appearance.


  • Over 120 standard colors or select your own
  • 4 foot sections orA75 foot coils
  • Inside and outside corners available
  • Three standard heights for Carpet: 3-1/4", 4-1/2", 6-1/2"
  • Clean, toeless look
  • Can be installed before carpet