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$1.70 ln ft
| $170.48 box
100 linear feet / box
**SPECIAL ORDER** No Cancellations, or Returns

Tarkett / Johnsonite Traditional Duracove Rubber Wall Base #40 Black Tightlock Carpet 4-1/2" x 4' Pieces by 1/8"

Brand : Tarkett
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$1.70 ln ft
| $170.48 box
100 linear feet / box
**SPECIAL ORDER** No Cancellations, or Returns
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Product NameBlack
Product NumberTDC4041/2X4
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Designed with a patented wedge shaped bottom, TightLock Rubber Wall Base for Carpet Pieces delivers a straight, clean look. TightLock provides a full " tapered thickness to hide damaged sheet rock and other wall imperfections. An offering of six profiles - 3 for resilient and 3 for carpet--accommodates any commercial flooring material and quickly hides glue lines with its added height. TightLock for carpet does not need to be removed when replacing carpet; simply tear out the old carpet, install the new carpet, the fibers can be tucked under the wedge shaped slope for a clean, finished appearance.


  • Over 120 standard colors or select your own
  • 4 foot sections orA75 foot coils
  • Inside and outside corners available
  • Three standard heights for Carpet: 3-1/4", 4-1/2", 6-1/2"
  • Clean, toeless look
  • Can be installed before carpet