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1 Gallon Premium Floor Tile Adhesive S-750

Brand : Armstrong
$38.99 per gallon
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Covers 275 square feet Total Price: $38.99
CoverageTrowel: 275-350 sq. ft./gal. (26-33 sq. m); Brush or Roller (Primer): 350-400 sq. ft./gal. (33-37 sq. m)
Material TypeWater-based/rubber-resin
Product NamePremium Floor Tile Adhesive
Product NumberS750
Shelf Life1 year if not opened
Size1 Gallon
Taggants50% Yellow and 50% Orange
TrowelS-891 Notched Steel Trowel or S-892 Replaceable Blade Trowel; fine notch (1/32" deep, 1/16" wide, 5/64" apart); brush or medium-nap roller when used as primer
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Armstrong, the world leader in flooring, offers 1 Gallon Premium Floor Tile adhesive������to complete any DIY project. Use with Arteffects; Rave; Imperial Texture; MultiColor; Stonetex; Companion Square; Feature Tile/Strips; Safety Zone; Urethane No-Wax (Dry Back) & Vinyl No-Wax (Dry Back).


  • Can be used over "cutback" adhesive reside
  • Moisture and alkali resistant
  • Solvent free
  • Non-flammable
  • FloorScore Certified

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