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35.99 square feet / box
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Anderson Tuftex Natural Timbers Bandsaw 8.66" x Varying Length Engineered Subtle Bandsaw White Oak Grove AA826-15026 (35.99 Sq. Ft. / Box)

35.99 square feet / box

Available for Pickup
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Covers 35.99 square feet
BrandAnderson Tuftex
CollectionNatural Timbers Bandsaw
FlushAFR12 - 15026
OverlapAAOL1 - 15026
Product Name8.66" x Varying Length Hardwood - Engineered Subtle Bandsaw White Oak
QuarterAAQTR - 15026
SizeRandom 23.62" to 74.8" x 8.66"
SquareATE12 - 15026
T-MoldingAATMD - 15026
ThresholdATH12 - 15026
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A raw finish brings forth the indigenous beauty of this white oak’s natural knots and grains. Two timeless texture options — a smooth open grain and a bandsaw cut that resembles the look of fine linen — allow for varied warm tones to shine through. A full half-inch thick, Natural Timbers is available in 9”-wide planks.