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Mannington Mills is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine flooring. Founded, and is still headquartered, in Salem, New Jersey in 1915, Mannington is still owned and operated by the same family five generations later. For over 100 years, Mannington has manufactured beautiful, durable vinyl, laminate, and hardwood flooring.

Mannington Shownroom Displays at Floor City

Why Choose Mannington Hardwood?

Designed to reflect the latest trends in American home furnishings and cabinetry, Mannington hardwood floors offer beauty and performance. All Mannington floors are crafted with care to ensure that you get a floor you'll love for many years to come.

Superior Performance. Mannington’s exclusive ScratchResist® coating provides additional superior protection against everyday household scratches and scuffs to keep the floor looking newer, longer.

Premium Styling. Mannington’s in-house styling team scours the world for inspiration and then handcrafts each plank to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

Responsible Sourcing. Mannington takes their commitment to the environment very seriously. We are proud of our sourcing processes, and all our hardwood products are LACEY Act compliant, CARB/TSCA Title VI compliant and FloorScore® certified.

Mannington Shownroom Displays at Floor City


Real hardwood. Incredibly durable. Really waterproof.

This innovative product combines the natural beauty of hardwood with extreme durability. TimberPlus® is 100% real hardwood that is 2 times more scratch resistant and 3 times more dent resistant than traditional hardwood and is waterproof, thanks to our SpillShield®Plus technology, 5G® Dry™ profile and high moisture resistance core.

This is the perfect hardwood choice for homes desiring a true hardwood floor while needing unparalleled performance. Extra-large hardwood planks that are 8” wide and 7’ long provide a dramatic aesthetic to any room.

Featured Collections:

Floorigami Carpet Rolls

Carpet Rolls

Floorigami XL is the first-of-its-kind, all-in-one, user-friendly alternative to traditional carpet specifically designed to get rid of all the hassles of typical carpet installation. Featuring a pre-attached cushion and peel & stick strips, all you have to do is unroll, peel, stick and love! Your new floor is that easy!

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Care & Cleaning


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Installation Tips & Tricks

Why Floorigami XL?

Floorigami Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles

Easy to DIY, 100% recyclable, and endlessly durable. Floorigami's unique carpet tiles will soften up any space!

Add depth, interest and instant style to any space with Floorigami carpet tile. Browse dozens of lush, cozy options and design your perfect floor today.

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Care & Cleaning


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Tips & Tricks

Easy Edge

Floorigami Peel & Stick Stair Treads

Peel & Stick Stair Treads

Complete your full Floorigami look with their coordinating peel-and-stick Stair Treads. Tying your whole home together has never been this simple. All you have to do is peel and stick to achieve your perfect steps! It's that easy.



Care & Cleaning

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Metropolitan Logo
Metropolitan Flooring

Now celebrating 25 years in business, Metropolitan is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality flooring products serving markets throughout North America.

Metropolitan was born in the Pacific Northwest, amidst a rugged landscape where land and sea meet the sky. After nearly 30 years, Metropolitan remains relentless throughout their product development process and their customers’ journey to ensure they provide the very best products and customer care available, and to live their commitment to clean, vibrant living spaces, both inside and out.

Metropolitan's Kentwood hardwood floors celebrate the unique character and natural beauty of genuine hardwood, while making responsible use of a sustainable resource to produce products of superior performance: hardwood floors to last a lifetime. 

Featured Collections:

Metropolitan Kentwood Bespoke Collection

The Bespoke Collection

Distinct. Regal. Tailored

A tailored flooring collection of eight beautifully stylish colors perfectly suited to the discerning designer. The Bespoke Collection includes five straight lay floors, accompanied by three in matching Herringbone, all on brushed European White Oak veneers with medium and high aesthetic variation. The straight lay is available in a generous 7” width, and an assortment of long planks up to 86”, while the Herringbone flooring is available in a 4 5/16” width bringing a look of distinction to any room.

Metropolitan Kentwood Avenue Collection

The Avenue Collection

Classic. Cultured. Refined.

Understated elegance informs these classically beautiful floors, designed to harmonize with their surroundings while celebrating the ingrained character of the hardwood.

Medium width board in assorted lengths and species, brushed surface treatments.

Metropolitan Kentwood Plateau Collection

The Plateau Collection

Dramatic. Windswept. Wild.

Wide expanses of raw beauty, boldly etched with contours and contrasts, cloaked in colors culled from nature’s windswept wilds. Rugged, dramatic, its mood revealed in the shifting light.

Premium hardwood species on a wide plank, long board platform are given added character with custom staining processes and alchemic treatments.

Metropolitan Kentwood Savannah Collection

The Savannah Collection

Natural. Modern. Serene.

Inspired by the elements in wide-open spaces, the Savannah collection artfully reflects the balance, character, and enduring natural diversity found in these unique places. A collection of six European Oak and four Maple wood flooring products, the Savannah Collection is available in either natural brushed veneer or a lightly stained treatment. With beautifully majestic colors that capture the essence of light and shade, the Savannah collection will provide enduring style and serenity.

Metropolitan Kentwood Cosmopolitan Collection

The Cosmopolitan Collection

Inclusive. Current. Artistic.

A sophisticated collection, crafted through the lens of an inclusive world and open to possibilities, the Cosmopolitan is a collection made from American White Oak, and engineered for stability in most climate conditions. Lightly stained with a range of five beautiful modern contemporary colors, this collection is also a wide brushed floor (6-1/8”), with generously long assortment of planks up to 86”. The Cosmopolitan collection, designed to unify the elements in any room, or project.

United Tile Logo

United Tile is a family-owned flooring business based in the Pacific Northwest that has operated for over 50 years. Their wide range of products includes tile, natural stone, glass, ceramic and engineered hardwood products in every size, style, and design imaginable.

United Tile PLANK Display

Why Choose Plank by United Tile

Plank products are 100% wood (no HDF) to ensure their dimensional stability. Engineered wood products are suitable for at, above, and below grade installations. 

Hand scraped products. Unlike machine scraped products which can have repetitive looking boards, the hand scraping done on Plank ensures the boards are unique. In this process, the planks are wire brushed using copper brushes. This alternative to steel brushes, commonly used in the industry, enhances the grain without damaging the wood. It also makes each Plank product more natural looking.

Veneers. Plank products incorporate several veneer creation techniques to enhance the value and appearance of each series.

Matching Trims. All the trims are color and species coordinated to complement the finished job.

Available Collections:

United Tile Plank Classic French Oak Collection

Classic French Oak Collection

The Classic French Oak Collection is the flagship of United Tile's Plank program. Made of the finest character-grade aged French Oak, the face and edges are subtly hand-scraped and hand-sanded, after which it is lightly wire brushed and custom dual hand stained. The collection comes in nine smoked & muted designer color tones to provide you just the right color for your project.

Classic French Oak is produced using sawn veneers and a double smoking and aging process that achieves deeper, richer colors. This gives the Classic French Oak an enhanced natural wood grain appearance which closely replicates a natural oil finished product.

United Tile Plank Beachside Collection

Beachside Collection

Imbued with color that evokes the ever changing atmospheric conditions experienced by most coastal communities comes Beachside, a six-color, engineered hardwood series and the newest addition to United Tile's Plank program. This wire-brushed wood offers four colors on oak and two colors on hickory. All colors feel right at home in both modern and classic spaces.

Using a special texturing and triple staining process, Beachside removes the softer wood fibers to open up the grain and bring enhanced definition to each plank. The soft matte veneer gives the appearance of an oil-applied surface coat without the maintenance and expense of a true oil finish.

United Tile Plank Bordeaux Collection

Bordeaux Collection

Bordeaux is unique in that it employs an unprecedented multi-step smoking process during production. The effect is color that typically only patient, meticulous artisans can elicit. Choose from a range of designer hardwood colors that will complement any decor. Watch how beautifully natural light plays off it - while color variations spring forth to dazzle the eye.

The Bordeaux Collection features hand-rolled edges, as well as a copper wire brushed surface. But perhaps the most appealing quality is the super low-gloss urethane finish.

The price point for the Bordeaux series makes it appealing to a broad range of the market. The series is produced in four colors on French Oak in a 6-1/2” width. 75% of the boards come in a 74“ length.

United Tile Plank Argonne Collection

Argonne Collection

The Argonne Collection employs an innovative two-tone staining process to achieve an elegant and appealing result. Multiple handworked steps are required. Each carefully selected board is hand-scraped, sanded, and where applicable, filled with durable epoxy before being brushed with copper wire brushes.

Two colors of stain are hand-rubbed into each board before eight coats of 100% water based urethane are applied to mimic the popular matte oiled finish (but without the maintenance issues that process demands). The result is interesting and elegant. The price point for the Argonne series makes it appealing to a broad range of the market. The series is produced in three colors on French Oak in 7-1/2” widths and 72” lengths.

United Tile Plank Fieldhouse Collection

Fieldhouse Collection

Ultra-high definition has finally come to engineered hardwood flooring with the Fieldhouse Collection. The unique procedure behind this stunning series begins with a rigorous eight-coat application of a super low-gloss finish that both seals and protects the wood, while bringing a spectacular clarity to the grain. From there, each individual plank undergoes a meticulous wire brushing, smoking and antiquing process by artisan hands - all of which renders an exquisite depth, uniqueness and richness of color coupled with exceptional durability.

This collection offers four distinct colors on French Oak and features longer and wider planks - 7-1/2" wide with 70% reaching 75" in length.

United Tile Plank Craft Collection

Craft Collection

Modern and elegant, the Craft series combines a wire-brushed European Oak with a high-performing finish to bring you a floor that lasts. This veneer is produced using a dual-stained, smoked process with a micro-bevel edge, creating an antiqued visage. The hand-crafted, artisan look makes Craft is perfect for the modern home.

Let the golden hues of the Craft series bring a welcome degree of warmth to your living space. This precision engineered hardwood collection carries a 25-year residential warranty and a 3-year light commercial warranty. 

Villagio Logo

Villagio Wood Floors is a proud producer of strong, resilient flooring that is designed to withstand years of use while maintaining its unique design. Villagio Wood Floors are made from bio materials in an eco-friendly production process.

Featured Collections:

Villagio Floors Casa Blanca Collection

The Casa Bianca Collection

Clean and Modern. This collection offers a balanced and new look a lot of houses are aiming for post 2000’s.

If you are the type to have no clutter in your household and want the focus on the decor this collection is perfect for just that. These floors create a clean atmosphere and are found in the newest modern homes and buildings.

Villagio Floors Collina Collection

The Collina Collection

Classic Creations. Collina gives you a classic wood flooring feel that’s always in style.

For years, hardwood flooring has proven to be the standard for beautiful homes. The Collina Collection features smooth-faced planks that are lightly brushed to reveal the natural wood grain. This reinterpretation of the classic wood floor will bring enduring beauty to your home.

Villagio Floors Del Mare Collection

The Del Mare Collection

Wonderfully Wide Plank. Villagio's Del Mare collection will capture the attention of the guests visiting your home, with a wide layout of wooden planks.

Villagio's wonderfully crafted wide planks in this collection give your household a high quality look at an affordable cost. Featuring many color selections allowing you to choose the tone and feel that best reflects your style. Bring warmth and character to your home with our Del Mare Collection.

Villagio Floors La Spezia Collection

La Spezia Collection

Alluring Artistry. Showcase your artistic side with this flooring collection.

La Spezia is perfect for artists that want to show how creative they can be building the perfect room. The flooring in this collection is versatile and unique. Creating one of a kind looks.

Villagio Floors La Spezia Collection

The Venetto Collection

With its Rustic Charm this collection will highly compliment any countryside home or farmhouse.

Villagio's Venetto collection derives its character from its rustic charm. This collection evolves with the times to be incorporated into any situation whether it is a countryside home or a live/work loft. You can imagine leather, cloth, or polyester on this flooring. The Venetto collection is truly magnificent.

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