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Crain Tools Hardwood Plank JackCrain Tools for Flooring Installation
Floor City has partnered with Crain Tool distributors to provide floor covering tools to flooring professionals at an affordable price. Purchase any of Crain Tools parts or products online using our easy online checkout. Ask about our local pickup locations or call customer service for custom shipping rates. Free shipping available on select items.

Need Pricing?
Call sales at 1-800-898-9540 to request special contractor pricing. As a Crain Tools dealer we allow customers to buy flooring tools direct, most tools or parts are shipped same day. Delivery times vary depending on location, average shipment takes 3-5 business days from order date.
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Crain No. 920 Deluxe Heat Bond Iron Crain 812 Super Saw Crain No. 905 Heat Bond Iron
Carpet Iron Specialty Saws Heat Bond Iron
Crain No. 905 Power Tacker Crain No. 301 Cushion Back Cutter Crain No. 302 Cushion Lock Cutter
Power Tacker Cushion Back Cutter Cushion Lock Cutter
Crain No. 303 Loop Pile Cutter Crain No. 304 Versa-Cutter Crain No. 366 Row Finder
Loop Pile Cutter Versa-Cutter Row Finder
Crain No. 435 Flex Axle Roller Crain No. 437 Bigfoot Roller Crain No. 505 Knee Kicker
Flex Axle Roller Bigfoot Roller Knee Kicker
Crain No.605 Deluxe Knee Kicker Crain No.445 Knee Kicker Crain No. 525 Wide Knee Kicker
Deluxe Knee Kicker Knee Kicker Wide Knee Kicker
Crain No. 499 & 500 Power Stretcher Crain No. 520 Swivel-Head Stretcher Crain No. 245 Wall Trimmer
Power Stretcher Swivel-Lock Stretcher Carpet Wall Trimmer
Crain No. 246 Carpet Trimmer Crain No. 152 Cushion Stair Tool Crain No. 450 Strip Cutter
Carpet Trimmer Cushion Stair Tool Deluxe Strip Cutter
Crain No. 455 Strip Saver Bag Crain No. 217 Hook Handle Razor Knife Crain No. 725 Deluxe Knife
Strip Saver Bag Hook Handle Razor Knife Deluxe Knife
Crain No. 726 Pivoting Carpet Knife Crain No. 197 Comfort Knees Knee Pads Crain No. 518 Stair Claw
Pivoting Carpet Knife "Comfort Knees" Knee Pads Stair Claw
Crain No. 825 Heavy-Duty Undercut Saw Crain No. 555 Multi-Undercut Saw Crain No. 775 Toe-Kick Saw
Heavy-Duty Undercut Saw Multi-Undercut Saw Toe-Kick Saw
Specialty Saws
No. 812 Super Saw
No. 825 Heavy Duty Undercut Saw
No. 555 Multi Undercut Saw
No. 775 Toe Kick Saw
No. 822 Diamond Blad
No. 338 Flex Undercut Saw
No. 336 Undercut Saw

Carpet Tools
No. 920 Heat Bond Iron
No. 905 Heat Bond Iron
No. 625 Power Tacker
No. 140 Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker
No. 301 Cushion Back Cutter
No. 302 Cushion Lock Cutter
No. 303 Loop Pile Cutter
No. 304 Versa Cutter
No. 366 Row Finder
No. 435 Flex Axle Roller
No. 437 Bigfoot Roller
No. 505 Knee Kicker
No. 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker
No. 445 Knee Kicker
No. 525 Wide Knee Kicker
No. 499 Double Case Stretcher
No. 520 Swivel Head Stretcher
No. 245 Wall Trimmer
No. 246 Carpet Trimmer
No. 152 Cushion Stair Tool
No. 450 Strip Cutter
No. 455 Strip Saver Bag
No. 217 Hook Handle Razor Knife
No. 725 Deluxe Knife
No. 726 Pivoting Carpet Knife
No. 197 Comfort Knees Knee Pads
No. 518 Stair Claw

Vinyl Tools
No. 001 Vinyl Tile Cutter
No. 008 18" Vinyl Tile Cutter
No. 851 Metal Mitre
No. 380 Deluxe Dividers
No. 111/112 Scribers
No. 110 Inside Cove Kit
No. 334/334S Professional Straight Edge
No. 727 Delphin Knife
No. 730 Utility Knife
No. 102 Combination Knife
No. 460 Vinyl Sealer Bottle
No. 143 Adhesive Syringe
No. 745 Deluxe Heat Gun 750 degrees
No. 995 Deluxe Heat Gun 1000 degrees
No. 745K Deluxe Heat Gun Case
No. 075 75 lb. Vinyl Tile Roller
No. 076 100 lb Vinyl Tile Roller
No. 074 Vinyl Tile Roller Case
No. 333 Extension Wall Roller
No. 348/349 Seam Rollers

Vinyl Welding Tools
No. 965 Skiving Knife with Replacement Blade
No. 960 Heat Weld Gun
No. 970 Power Groover
NO. 972 Diamond Groover Blade
No. 955 Pull Hand Groover
No. 988 Welding Kit

Plank Floor Tools
No. 565 18' Strap Clamp
No. 670 Hardwood Plank Jack
No. 546 Wood Roto Wedge Spacers
No. 554 Hinge Board Pusher
No. 557 Hardwood Pry Bar
No. 559 Close to Wall Staple Tool
No. 558 Staple Set Tool
No. 560 Knuckle Head Pull Bar
No. 564 Variable Spacer
No. 562 Plastic Spacers
No. 563 Tapple Block
No. 566 Floor Vise

Tear-Out Tools
No. 265 Stand Up Cutter
No. 686 Stand Up Carpet Peeler
No. 700 Bearcat Stripper
No. 375 Big Scraper
No. 390 Inertial Scraper
No. 350 12" Floor Stripper
No. 360 20" Pro Stripper
No. 230 Deluxe Scraper
No. 844 Pulling Claw
No. 157 Molding Lifter

Material Handling
No. 280 Air Lifter
No. 018 Tile Dolly
No. 017 Metal Skat Skates
No. 015/016 Vinyl Dollies