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Sheet Vinyl RoomCommercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring

When you need flooring that is both stylish and easy to clean then commercial vinyl sheet flooring is a great option. Commercial sheet vinyl will last for many years if properly installed and well kept. Maintenance is low but should be professionally cleaned periodically. Sheet vinyl comes in 6' - 12' lengths but typically is 6 foot to six and half feet wide. So if you need to cover an area that is wider than the width of the sheet vinyl you may need some weld rod to connect two pieces of sheet vinyl together. This will result in a seam but most weld rods are made to make a smooth transition. Also, depending on the brand of sheet vinyl there is usually a special adhesive that goes with the product. Check with the manufacturer or supplier to see what glue is recommended for laying the sheet vinyl.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

The cost of commercial sheet vinyl ranges from $1-$2 for standard vinyl and $3-$4 for luxury sheet vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl is most commonly used in areas with a lot of foot traffic like a bathroom or break room. Sheet vinyl works good in these areas because of potential spillage of urine, coffee and other liquids that could stain the floor. With sheet vinyl when there is a spill, simply clean up within a short after the spill occurs and clean with a generic floor cleaner.
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