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Commercial Carpet Tile

Commercial Grade Carpet TileCommercial quality carpet tiles or modular carpet tiles, are square tiles designed for business and commercial office areas. Commercial grade carpet tile is made to withstand heavy foot traffic and are resistant to common stains such as dirt and coffee. Floor City supplies the top brands in commercial carpet such as Shaw, Philadelphia, Queen Broadloom, Kraus modular carpet tiles commercial and Mohawk Carpets.

Commercial Grade Carpet Squares

The carpet manufacturers we back make long lasting quality products with commercial warranties up to 10 years or more. Clearance commercial carpet prices start as low as $1.50 cost per square foot and if you're looking to save on a large order we do offer discounts on bulk shipments. For inexpensive carpet for a church, daycare, corporate, industrial building, basement, office space or business setting we recommend Kraus Commercial Carpet Tile or Commercial Roll Carpets. Carpet tiles commercial grade are easy to install / repair and require much less maintenance than traditional carpet. Commercial floor carpet tiles vary in size but can be found in 19.7" inch x 19.7" in. and 2 x 2 squares. Many of the colors are brown, grey or a mixture of black to help hide normal wear and tear.
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Rhone 704301 Steel by Kraus Carpets Kraus Rhone 704302 Graphite Kraus Rhone 704303 Biscuit
Rhone Rhone Rhone
Kraus Rhone 704304 Acorn Kraus Rhone 704305 Coffee Kraus Rhone 704306 Khaki
Rhone Rhone Rhone
Kraus Danube 704101 Brown Carpet Tile Kraus Danube 704102 Charcoal Carpet Tile Kraus Danube 704103 Beige Carpet Tile
Danube Danube Danube
Kraus Danube 704104 Silver Carpet Tile Kraus Thames 704201 Sand Modular Carpet Kraus Thames 704202 Granite Carpet Tile
Kraus 704201 Sand
$1.70 /Sq Ft
Danube Thames Thames
Kraus Thames 704203 Slate Carpet Tile Kraus Thames 704204 Seabed Carpet Tile Kraus Calatrava 706801 Lithograph
Thames Thames Calatrava
Kraus Calatrava 706803 Oil Print Kraus Calatrava 706804 Transfer Grey Kraus Calatrava 706805 Acrylic Mode
Calatrava Calatrava Calatrava
Kraus Calatrava 706806 Graphite Kraus Calatrava 706807 Watercolor Kraus Venturi Tile 706901 Cork
Kraus 706901 Cork
$2.41 /Sq Ft
Calatrava Calatrava Venturi
Kraus Venturi Tile 706902 Gunmetal Kraus Venturi Tile 706903 Pinescape Kraus Venturi Tile 706904 Nutshell
Venturi Venturi Venturi
Kraus Venturi Tile 706905 Earthbound Kraus Venturi Tile 706906 Charcoal Kraus Venturi Tile 706908 Midnight
Venturi Venturi Venturi
Kraus Rubicon 707101 Travertine Kraus Rubicon 707102 Agate Kraus Rubicon 707103 Lead
Kraus 707103 Lead
$1.71 /Sq Ft
Rubicon Rubicon Rubicon
Carpet Tile Best Sellers by Collection
1. Rhone
2. Thames
3. Rubicon

Carpet Tile Best Sellers by Color
1. Ebony #707106 - Rubicon
2. Granite #704202 - Thames
3. Graphite #704302 - Rhone

Commercial Carpet Tiles are easy to install and should they ever become damaged a carpet installer could simply remove the old carpet tiles and replace with a new carpet tile squares. Unlike broadloom carpet rolls there is no need to replace the entire floor if an area becomes stained or the carpet is torn. The cost of carpet tiles are slightly more expensive than rolled carpet. If you had to replace all the carpeting because of one problem area it would be much more costly than using commercial carpet tiles from the beginning.