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Commercial Grade Carpet

Commercial grade carpet refers to high quality loop carpet rolls and carpet tile squares. Commercial carpets are known for their durability, stylish design, stain resistant surface and for being easy to clean / maintenance. Commercial carpeting is best used in business or retail related areas that receive high foot traffic. Keep dust, dirt, and dander down with and improve the look, style, and feel of your floor with our commercial grade products.

Commercial Carpet Tile Prices

Modular carpet tiles start at $1.50 per square foot and range in size from 19.7" x 19.7" to 24" x 24" inch. Many of the products featured on Floor City come with limited lifetime warranties so you know your investment is backed by the carpet manufacturer.

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Rhone 704301 Steel by Kraus Carpets Kraus Rhone 704302 Graphite Kraus Rhone 704303 Biscuit
Rhone Rhone Rhone
Kraus Rhone 704304 Acorn Kraus Rhone 704305 Coffee Kraus Rhone 704306 Khaki
Rhone Rhone Rhone
Kraus Danube 704101 Brown Carpet Tile Kraus Danube 704102 Charcoal Carpet Tile Kraus Danube 704103 Beige Carpet Tile
Danube Danube Danube
Kraus Danube 704104 Silver Carpet Tile Kraus Thames 704201 Sand Modular Carpet Kraus Thames 704202 Granite Carpet Tile
Kraus 704201 Sand
$1.70 /Sq Ft
Danube Thames Thames
Kraus Thames 704203 Slate Carpet Tile Kraus Thames 704204 Seabed Carpet Tile Kraus Calatrava 706801 Lithograph
Thames Thames Calatrava
Kraus Calatrava 706803 Oil Print Kraus Calatrava 706804 Transfer Grey Kraus Calatrava 706805 Acrylic Mode
Calatrava Calatrava Calatrava
Kraus Calatrava 706806 Graphite Kraus Calatrava 706807 Watercolor Kraus Venturi Tile 706901 Cork
Kraus 706901 Cork
$2.41 /Sq Ft
Calatrava Calatrava Venturi
Kraus Venturi Tile 706902 Gunmetal Kraus Venturi Tile 706903 Pinescape Kraus Venturi Tile 706904 Nutshell
Venturi Venturi Venturi
Kraus Venturi Tile 706905 Earthbound Kraus Venturi Tile 706906 Charcoal Kraus Venturi Tile 706908 Midnight
Venturi Venturi Venturi
Kraus Rubicon 707101 Travertine Kraus Rubicon 707102 Agate Kraus Rubicon 707103 Lead
Kraus 707103 Lead
$1.71 /Sq Ft
Rubicon Rubicon Rubicon
Searching for Armstrong Carpet Tiles will provide no results as they do not produce carpet tiles at this time. Instead, we recommend Kraus Commercial Carpet.